Vania Marta Figueiredo Yokomizo¹ Tania Maria Henneberg Benemond¹

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abrasão química; fenol; pele.


Cosmetic-driven research currently yields an avalanche of products and treatments for all dermatolo-

gical sub-segments. Many treatments aimed at rejuvenating skin have been developed. Although che-

mical peels have now been used for more than a century–and despite the availability of new techno-

logies–the treatment is still widely known and employed due to its practicality, low cost, and excel-

lent results. The present study offers a review of all types of peelings recognized by the scientific lite-

rature – from the most superficial to the deepest – compiling the practical experience of the authors

and detailed descriptions of the application technique, results, and complications.

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