Universidade federal da bahia faculdade de medicina da bahia

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Palavras chave: obesidade; saúde do trabalhador; alimentação e 

cultura; trabalhador artesanal 






This is a qualitative study aiming to examine the meanings of the phenomenon 

of the obese body of the "baianas de acarajé" and the relationship with their 

health, environment and eating habits at work. The work of the "baiana de 

acarajé" is exhausting and requires much dedication. While that is the livelihood 

of these workers, this kind of activity can bring harm to the health of these 

women. The fire, smoke and repetitive movements are mentioned as possible 

risks for the acquisition of accidents and illnesses. It was identifeid that the 

"Baianas de acarajé" elect a double body regarding the way of living in the 

world: obese for their work and lean to your daily life. In this sense it is 

perceived that the lack of time for social life allows them to not take care of their 

body and their food. 


Keywords: obesity, health worker, food and culture, handicraft worker. 





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