The Origin of Birthday

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The Origin of Birthday

This is a custom that comes form the Ancient Rome. Although, it was very different. They didn’t have any parties, like nowdays, but the cake was a reality. Cakes and offers were made at that time.

The old habits of wishing happiness, giving symbolic gifts and lighting candles were popular, becaming a way to protect the person of the day from evil forces. An, also, to ensure good luck in the year to come.

These celebrations were prohibited by the church for fourteen centuries. Until a collective festival was performed in Germany in the Modern Age.

The Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Walk of Fame is the most famous sidewalk in the whole world. And, even if never went to Los Angeles, you know it. Around 10 million people come every year to see their favorite stars.

It was made in the 60’s to pay a homage to everyone who made Hollywood famous. Actors, singers, directors, performers. Anyone.

The pieces are very simple and elegant. A pink square of a marble called terrazzo receives a bronze star with the name of the person. It also has an icon of the area that made the person famous, like a camera or a microphone.

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