Shopify Success Blueprint

Analyze results (clicks, opens, sales, LTV, engagement, etc.)

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Shopify Success Blueprint
Analyze results (clicks, opens, sales, LTV, engagement, etc.)
One more thing I love about Klaviyo is its analytics. Usually, with sites and 
email marketing automation apps, it seems to be pretty tricky to see sales ($) 
data in the app's dashboard. So you have to set up all kinds of UTM tracking 
to see how much money your campaigns and flows are making.
In Shopify + Klaviyo integration that is working on default.
In Klaviyo, you see all the primary data like opening rate, click rate, etc., and 
you see how much money your emails are making. That makes it easy to learn 
what is working and what is not.

2.2 PushOwl - Push Notification 
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So what are push notifications?
Now I am not talking about notifications that your mobile phone's apps are 
sending to your lock screen all the time. I am talking about push notifications 
that you have opt-in with your browser: no matter desktop or mobile phone.
I am sure that you have opted-in for some push notifications with your 
browser. From time to time, you get pop-ups in your browser's right top 
So you subscribe to site X's push notifications with your browser. Then site X 
can send you notifications and market their product and services with CTA to 
take you to their site.
And precisely this we are going to do with your Shopify store and PushOwl.

How do people subscribe to your site's push notifications?
When you install PushOwl, a pop-up asking "would you like to get push 
notifications from site X?" will be automatically placed on your site. People 
who visit your site will see the pop-up and click YES/NO from then on.
The essential feature of PushOwl:
• Campaigns
• Automated flows
• Segmentation
Let's go through all of these.
The logic of campaigns is exactly similar to email. Except for your message, 
the length with PushOwl is limited, and you can have only one image and only 
one CTA.


Automated flows:
Again, the logic behind automated flows is close to the ones in Klaviyo. 
Options are more limited, but PushOwl automations are great for many things.
One of the best ones is abandoned cart automation. Push notification is a 
really effective way bring customer back to checkout.
With PushOwl, you can split your audience into segments too. It's not as easy 
as with Klaviyo, but still a good feature.
Your customers have to subscribe to push notifications and then purchase 
something before you can segment them.

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