Shopify Success Blueprint

Segment your audience by building segments and lists

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Shopify Success Blueprint
Segment your audience by building segments and lists 
As I told you previously, one secret to success is the ability to segment your 
audience and offer new products to existing segments all the time.

Klaviyo's segmentation options are fantastic. My most used option is "segment 
by purchased products". That allows me to build and automatically update 
segments that contain all the people who bought, e.g., beauty products.
Later it's easy to send promotional emails about new beauty products to my 
beauty segment.
Create automated email flows 
This is a real money maker. When you invest some time and effort in building 
automated email flows for your leads and customers, Klaviyo will be 
generating sales 24/7/365.
What is an automated flow?
Flow is a series of emails that will be sent to subscribers when flow triggers.
You have several trigger options for flows, and only your imagination is the 
limit for what you can build.

For example, you may create a "welcome series" for new customers. The flow 
will trigger when the first purchase is made. After that, you can choose time 
intervals when emails will be sent. They may get coupon codes as a gift for 
new customers, and you can ask them to follow your brand on social media.
Abandoned cart flow is maybe the most used flow, and you will find a 
template for it in Klaviyo.
Sync audiences to Facebook (e.g.) 
Klaviyo's integration with Facebook helps you automate retargeting 
advertising and include/exclude segments into your advertising campaigns.
You can turn automatic sync on for any of your Klaviyo segments to Facebook 
custom audiences and use that audience in advertising.
For example, if you want to advertise your beauty products to your existing 
beauty customers, you can sync your beauty segment to Facebook and show 
them ads.

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