Shopify Success Blueprint

List of essential Shopify apps

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Shopify Success Blueprint
2. List of essential Shopify apps
In this section, I have listed six apps that are most essential for increasing 
I name an App and tell you how to use it.
I will start with Klaviyo and email marketing. That's the longest chapter and 
most important. Last year email marketing alone generated $500 000 revenue 
for me with very low costs.
Essential Apps: 
1. Klaviyo
2. PushOwl
3. GemPages
4. Honeycomb
5. Cross Sell
6. SimpleAffiliate
2.1 Klaviyo - Email Marketing 
Click here to download the app
In my experience, the best email marketing app for Shopify is Klaviyo.
Why? Because Klaviyo got all the needed features and integration with Shopify 
is very deep, smooth, and effortless.
Klaviyo is easy to use.
The data from contacts can be collected in several ways. When your store and 
Klaviyo is connected all order data will automatically end up to Klaviyo. So you 
will find your new customer and all their details from Klaviyo right after the 
The other way is to use Klaviyo's forms that you can embed to your site. These 
are great if you want to collect e.g., newsletter signups and grow your lead 

So what can Klaviyo do?
Here is a list of core features: 
• Create email campaigns
• Create automated email flows
• Segment your audience by building segments and list
• Sync audiences to Facebook (e.g.)
• Analyze results (clicks, opens, sales, LTV, engagement, etc.)
And to build successful e-commerce, you will need all of these.
Let me explain each of these.

Create email campaigns 
This is the most basic feature of all email marketing apps; sending emails to 
various lists of people. Klaviyo got an easy-to-use drag and drop editor, and 
you can create visually attracting emails and add CTAs to your emails.
You have an option to A/B test, for example, the email's subject or the entire 
I have also noticed that not all email marketing apps have a feature that allows 
you to schedule emails by receivers' timezone. If I schedule the campaign for 
tomorrow at 2 PM, I want my subscribers to receive it at 2 PM in their 
timezone.. not mine. In Klaviyo that is possible, but not with all apps.
After sending campaigns, you will see all the data; open rate, click rate, sales, 

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