Shopify Success Blueprint

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Shopify Success Blueprint
4) Upsells and crossells 
Again, the real profit will not come by selling the actual product. It will come 
from upsells, crossells and from purchases your customers make via email 
marketing afterwards.
Most likely you won't be able to build a profitable online business without apps 
that makes these things possible:
• Frequently Bought Together
• Cart Upsell/Crossell
• Upsell/Crossell between cart and checkout
• Upsell/Crossell ath the checkout
• Upsell/Crossell after purchase
So get these apps. You will find a list of my favorite apps later in this blueprint.
When you put a product on sale, you should think about which products your 
customers should buy at the same time. Add those products to different parts 
of your sales process.
5) Use lead magnets 
The purpose of a lead magnet is to collect potential customers for future 
marketing activities.
Examples of good lead magnets:
• Free resources like guides, tools, webinar
• Free sample product
• Cheap products (yes, a lead magnet doesn't have to be free)
I use a $10 product as a lead magnet. I don't make any profit when selling the 
product, but I get a high-quality lead, and most of the buyers will buy 
something else later.
So build several lead magnets and ensure that you have proper email 
marketing prepared for them. Then put your lead magnets on paid advertising 
(e.g Facebook).

6) Do advertising 
Your business will most likely not take off without paid advertising. At least it is 
a fast-track for amazing results.
Options for paid advertising:
• All social media platform
• Google and Bing
• Other medias
The easiest places to start are Facebook/Instagram and Google.
Facebook/Instagram is for any products/services, and Google is made for 
solutions people are looking for. Google is not working for products that 
customers didn't know existed (like my products).
Unfortunately, paid advertising is getting more and more expensive, and there 
is more competition all the time. Also, currently, results are decreasing 
universally because of Apple's iOS updates that take away a lot of data used 
for targeting.
But still, paid advertising is working.
Just make sure that you have done parts 1-5 in this document and you will be 
just fine.
To build a successful e-commerce business, you have to build a marketing 
ecosystem. The marketing ecosystem includes at least 6 parts, and all parts 
must function correctly and work together.

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