Shopify Success Blueprint

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Shopify Success Blueprint
new customers.
And your existing 
customers are those 
who are most likely to 
buy from you.
Always remember this:
- Jerry Hietaniemi

1. The marketing ecostystem
This is a simple picture and model of the "marketing ecosystem".
I will explain it with 6 principles that you should follow. You will need all these 
activities to be able to run a successful e-commerce business that is making 
A list of things that your store needs to have: 
1) Wide selection of products 
In most (online store) cases, the actual revenue and profit from one product is 
very low. To be able to build a 6-figure or 7-figure e-commerce, you need to 
have a lot of products. I would say that you need roughly 100-200+ products if 
you want to reach 7-figure revenue.
Of course, we all know cases where somebody sold one product for millions of 
dollars. That's possible but rare. You will more likely succeed when you have a 
lot of decent products instead of finding one jackpot.

2) Wide selection of products to your existing customers 
Segmentation is the key to success with e-commerce. Later I will tell you how 
to do segmentation.
Segmentation means that you have different customer groups. You have a list 
of customers interested in (for example) beauty products and a list of 
customers interested in baby products.
Even if your store is working around one niche, you will be able to do some 
level of segmentation. And you should.
When you have segmented your customers, you will be able to offer them 
products with email marketing that they are most likely to buy.
For example my TOP3 segments are: 
1. Real Estate
2. Fitness
3. Business Coaching

And I have an email list for all of these. Whenever I list a new product for Real 
Estate, I can send an email to my real estate segment
That's extremely effective way to make money.

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