Shopify Success Blueprint

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Shopify Success Blueprint

About the blueprint
This blueprint is made for Shopify store owners and will focus on marketing.
I expect that a reader already has an online store and knows how to operate 
Shopify and its features.
Now when I am writing this blueprint, I have over five years of experience with 
Shopify and over ten years of experience with digital marketing.
Currently, I run a store called It's a digital template 
store. In two years, I was able to take it from zero to $3,000,000 in sales.
I plan to build a business of 10 million dollars and make an exit.
My success has been noticed. Every day I get questions like "how you do it?, 
"what tools you are using", "how you market your store", etc.
So finally, I realized that I would lose nothing if I shared my knowledge and 
helped others.
That's why we are here, and I am happy to have you on board.
- Jerry Hietaniemi 

Table of contents:
1. The marketing ecosystem 
2. List of essential Shopify apps 
2.1. Klaviyo - Email marketing 
2.2. PushOwl - Push notifications 
2.3. GemPages - Build stunning landing pages 
2.4. Honeycomb - Upsell/crossell 
2.5. ProveSource - Social proof 
2.6. SimpleAffiliate - Affiliate marketing 
In the first chapter I will explain what is the ”marketing ecosystem” 
and why you need every element of it. In chapter 2 I will cover all 
essential apps and explain how to boost your marketing with that 

Nothing is more 
expensive than getting 

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