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Professor Ma.PB - INGLÊS (Específico)

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Professor Ma.PB - INGLÊS (Específico)

I – TEXTO: COMPREENSÃO E INTERPRETAÇÃO; II – GRAMÁTICA: verb to be / verb there to be; present continuous tense; simple present tense; possessive adjectives; regular and irregular verbs/simple past tense; to stop (followed by generic or nfinitive); possessive pronouns; past continuous tense; personal pronouns; simple future tense; between and among; to be going to – future; to be going to - past; plural of nouns; the indefinitive article; numbers; dates; to do and to make; present perfect tense; to lie to lay; reflexive pronouns; much, many, little, few; modal verbs; the comparative degree; the superlative degree; irregular comparison; imperative; simple conditional; conditional perfect; conditionals; to and enough; prepositions; gerund and infinitive; articles; whether and if;questions tags; some, any, no and compounds; the passive voice; verbs with two objets; adverbs of wanner; relative pronouns; direct and reported speech; reported speech; additions to remarks; question words; present perfect continuous; linking words; time lauses.

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