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Cyber language.
Hello, there! Nessa semana, você conhecerá um pouco sobre YouTube influencers e as campanhas 
de marketing que migraram para as redes. Study hard!
Você aprenderá conceitos e vocabulário ao longo da lição. Have a great study time!
1 – Before you read:
a)  Do you know what influencers are?
b)  Who are the most influential YouTubers in Brazil? Do you know any from your state? 

Available at https://www.oberlo.com/blog/youtube-influencer. Accessed on June 16, 2020.
2 – According to the text:
a)  Why are YouTubers considered influencers?

b)  How is YouTube supporting marketing campaigns? 
3 – Find the words below in the text and guess their meanings according to the context. Write the correct 
combination of letters–numbers.
a) A creator is someone who…
b) An influencer is someone who…
c) A millennial is someone who…
d) A subscriber is someone who…
e) A trendsetter is someone who…
I. helps to popularize a new style or movement.
II. persuades others using social media.
III. became an adult in the early 21st century.
IV. ideates and produces content for social media.
V. arranged to access content in a channel.
4 – Cross out the expressions that cannot be associated with the following terms.
I. YouTubers
II. Video viewers
III. Marketing outcomes
a) brands
b) creators
c) influencers
d) trendsetters
a) audiences
b) celebrities
c) communities
d) subscribers
a) brand affinity
b) community cultivation
c) content diversity
d) sales increase
5 – Read the cartoon below entitled “The Dignity of Labor”. Pay attention to the verbal and visual elements 
and explain: what is the author’s point of view towards influencers?

6 – “Figurative language is language that’s intended to create an image, association, or other effect in 
the mind of the listener or reader that goes beyond the literal meaning or expected use of the words 
involved.” (available at https://www.dictionary.com/browse/figurative-language. Accessed on June 16, 
2020). We can do that by using irony, comparisons, exaggerations, personification, etc. 
a)  Explain how the irony effect is constructed in the text.
b)  Do you agree with the cartoon’s criticism? Why / why not?
Referência das atividades, textos, conteúdos e imagens desta semana:
BRAGA, Junia; RACILAN, Marcos; GOMES, Ronaldo. New Alive High: ensino médio. São Paulo: Edições SM, 2020. pp. 218-220.

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