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4 – Read three Rupi Kaur’s instapoems posted on her Instagram profile and match them to their themes. 
Write the correct numbers-letters combination. p. 208
a. Cultural identity ______
b. Heartbreak ______
c. Self-care ______
5 – Which other characteristics mentioned in Rupi Kaur’s biography can you find in her poems? Read 
the poem again and pay attention to the personal pronouns. What are the individuals addressed in each 
6 – Rupi Kaur’s poems are full of metaphors: a figure of speech which uses one idea to understand 
another one. By making use of drawings, the poet also creates multimodal metaphors (combining verbal 
and visual language). Write in terms of what the following things are understood in the poems.
a)  past experiences.
b)  to end a relationship.
c)  a love relationship.
d)  the human body.
e)  immigrants.

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