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EM 3ano V3 PF
Simple Present. Internet abbreviations.
Cyber language.
Hello, there! Nessa semana, você estudará o Present Continuous e seus usos. Study hard!
Os conceitos serão apresentados ao longo das atividades. Have a nice job!
Referência das atividades, textos, conteúdos e imagens desta semana:
BRAGA, Junia; RACILAN, Marcos; GOMES, Ronaldo. New Alive High: ensino médio. São Paulo: Edições SM, 2020. p. 196,197, 204.
1 – Read the following sentences and say which one refers to an action in progress. 
I)  “Just think, you only need 29 more to make a coat.”
II)  “So, if you’re thinking about buying a fur – don’t.”
III)  “Most people don’t realize the true cost of a fur.”
If you want to say that an action is in progress, use the Present Continuous. To make the Present 
Continuous, use a form of the verb to be in the Present (amis, or are) + a verb in the –ing form.
For the negative, use am, is or are not + verb in the –ing form.
To ask a question, use am, is, or are subject + verb in the –ing form.

2 – Describe what these people are doing. Use the items in the box. The first one is done for you.
•  look in a store window
•  sew
•  sketch a design for a dress
•  try on a suit
•  walk down the catwalk
•  put on boots
a) The woman is sewing.
d) The boy and his girlfriend…
b) The model…
e) The man…
c) The woman…
f) The fashion designer…

3 – Read the text and answer the following questions.
a)  What kind of text is it?
b)  What does this text tell us about texting?
c)  Based on the text, can we say that there is a relationship between SMS speak (texting abbrevia-
tions) and a type of literature of the past?
d)  Do you think a poem written in this format today would be considered “literature”? Why (not)?
e)  Would you say this text is informal only because Mark Brown uses some abbreviations in some 
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