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– In activity 1c, different modal verbs were used to express the idea of possibility

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2 – In activity 1c, different modal verbs were used to express the idea of possibility. However, notice 
that they convey slightly different meanings in context. Complete the explanation in the box below using 
suggestiondistinct possibility and speculation.
While the verb could refers to a  A __________________ , the verb might indicates a  B __________________, 
and the verb can sounds almost like a  C__________________ .
3 – Complete the sentences from the article “Slow Fashion Guide: Everything You Need to Know” with 
a modal verb from the box below. The modals have to express the ideas in parentheses and the use of 
affirmative or negative forms need to make sense in the context.
can              can’t             cannot              could (3x)            might             shouldn’t
a)  “By 2030, half the world’s population _______________________(distinct possibility) be 
living in areas where there isn’t enough drinking water.”
b)  “As a result, I have shelves dedicated for clothes to “wear around the house,” or “things 
that _______________________ (speculation) come handy”, but a darn hard-time  
deciding what to wear when going out when it actually matters.”
c)  “I think we _______________________ (possibility-suggestion) all agree that fashion 
trends quickly lose their initial appeal after enough people jump on the same-style 
d)  “By 2050 there _______________________ (distinct possibility) be more plastic in the 
ocean than there is fish.”
e)  “Once you realize how the discounted fashion syndicates operate, it 
_______________________ (probability) take long to conclude that this ‘garbage 
in – garbage out’ business model _______________________ (ability) be sustained 
f)  “A part of my closet is still filled with plenty of unremarkable clothes acquired over the 
years that didn’t stand the test of time. Having quickly stretched out, or faded, they’ve 
lost their initial appeal so I _______________________ (possibility-suggestion) really 
wear them in public anymore, but it would also feel like a waste to just throw them.”
g)  “Foremost, [Resisting buying fashion on impulse] saves a lot of money that 
_______________________ (distinct possibility) be put to better use. Likewise, it frees 
up space, declutters home, and helps to keep the mind focused on the more important 
aspects of life.”


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