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Os conceitos necessários são apresentados ao longo das atividades. Have a nice job!
Referência das atividades, textos, conteúdos e imagens desta semana:
BRAGA, Junia; RACILAN, Marcos; GOMES, Ronaldo. New Alive High: ensino médio. São Paulo: Edições SM, 2020. p. 191, 193.

1 – Propagandas are messages intended to persuade readers to 
accept ideas or to behave in a certain way. What is the purpose 
of the two propaganda campaigns?
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maio 2021.
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2 – Which of these characteristics of propaganda campaigns can you find in those examples? 
a)  A specific group’s agenda is represented. 
b)  The central message is highlighted.
c)  Emotions and feelings are evoked. 
d)  Use of statements.
e)  Use of Imperative. 

f)  Strategic use of color. 
g)  Images cause impact. 
h)  Use of short sentences. 
3 – Another way of conveying a message in a clear and compelling way is by using infographics. Which of 
the following characteristics can you find in this section of an infographic?
a)  Puts together lots of data.
b)  Focuses on relevant information.
c)  Presents data visually.
d)  Incorporates branding.
e)  Conveys intended meaning clearly.
f)  Cites data sources.
g)  Offers reliable information.
h)  Is adequately promotional.
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4 – Infographics may share some features with propaganda campaigns. Which characteristics 
in activity 2 would you say this infographic section presents?
5 – The article on slow fashion suggests we create a capsule wardrobe, “a collection of a few essential 
items of clothing that don’t go out of fashion, such as skirts, trousers, and coats, which can then be 
augmented with seasonal pieces.” With a classmate, think of your wardrobes and decide on 3 changes 
you could make to follow this concept.

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