Nacionalidade: resposta constitucional para os refugiados e apátridas(*) Nationality: constitutional response for refugees and stateless persons Nacionalidad

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Palavras-chave: refúgio, apatridia, nacionalidade.
Abstract: This article seeks to verify the possibility of granting Brazilian nationality, through naturalization, for refugees and stateless persons. This is because these situations, when they endure over time, the individual may continue to suffer serious violations of rights. With this, this article aims to contribute to the study of durable solutions for refugees and stateless persons. To that end, bibliographic research and data analysis were used, using the deductive method, in order to investigate the feasibility of assigning Brazilian nationality, through naturalization, as a durable solution for these groups of individuals. In the construction of the theme, authors such as Maria Glória Dittrich and Antonio Moreira Maués served as teroric references.

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