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party and play around in between doing all the jobs that need

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245-Rachel-Patterson-Animal-Magic- Pagan-Portals

party and play around in between doing all the jobs that need
doing along with periods of just sitting quietly and watching the
world go by. They also like a good chit chat and can be quite
   Keywords: Removing obstacles, solving problems, resource:
fulness, preparing, planning ahead, balance, knowing when to
rest, playful, action, communication and trust.
These beautiful graceful creatures bring inner beauty, selfesteem
and innocence as they glide along the surface ofthe water. Swan
is also associated with love, poetry and music and is often re:
ferred to in myths as representing the soul ofa person. it is also

worth looking at the story of the ugly duckling, the baby bird that
others rejected and ridiculed... who grew up to be a beautiful
swan. Swan also brings the ability to tap into your intuition and
psychic abilities bringing about altered states of awareness.
Swan teaches us to go with the flow and accept that which we
cannot change. Swans also mate for life and are dedicated to
their partners making a commitment that is bonding.
   Keywords: Beauty, selfesteem, love, the arts, inspiration, inner
self, intuition, psychic abilities, going with the flow, acceptance,
dedication, commitment and respect.
Tiger is primal, unpredictable, trusts its own intuition and is
spontaneous: all qualities that a tiger animal guide brings with
him. Tiger is Wiilpower, personal strength and courage and is
filled with both negative and positive energy. He can help you to
overcome issues or problems and release the inner strength to
reach your full potential. Tiger also has physical strength, vitality
and the ability to heal. His other sides show aggression and
predatory instincts. He asks you to think about your deep feel:
ings and emotions and what those strong emotions are con:
nected to.
   Keywords: Emotions, intuition, spontaneity, power, personal
strength, courage, overcoming obstacles, vitality, healing and

A mythical creature (or not. ) stories about the unicorn can be
found throughout the world. Usually the unicorn is depicted as
pure white with a long spiral horn (the ailicorn) on its forehead,
but it has been described as being many other colours. Unicorn
is pure and innocent, which is why children will often connect
very well With this animal spirit guide. They are full ofmagic and
enchantment and often linked With the faerie world. They are
said to be so fast that no one can ever catch one ifthey chase it,
but if it comes to you it can bring transformation, prosperity,
strength, success, spirituality, changes, and valour.
  Keywords: Purity, innocence, magic, enchantment, faerie,
speed, transformation, prosperity, strength, success, spirituality,
changes and valour.
So it might not be the most attractive of animal spirit guides, but
hey who are we to judge? The vulture has long been held in high
regard by many cultures and is often a symbol of protection, de:
struction and compassion. But he does a good service; he is part
of the cycle of life and nature's cleanup crew. Vulture appears
quite a lot in the Egyptian myths, often as a headdress or his

feathers used in rites. Vulture can teach you how to ‘read' people
and their auras, but also how to get noticed for your work vul
ture is all about actions rather than words. He is a very powerful
animal to align with and can teach you to utilise your own energy
efiiciently, but also how to connect with the energy of the earth.
His excellent vision will also show you hoW to see into this world
and the next.
  Keywords: Protection, destruction,      compassion, service, cycle
oflife, all seeing, action, energy, earth magic, visions and psychic
The whale always seems to me to have an immense wisdom, not
just the usual knowledge, but also ancient ageeold information.
 He is said to be a record keeper ofail eternity with the power of
water to go with it. Whale song is hauntingly beautiful and brings
the magic of rhythm and sound, teaching us to hear our inner
voice. Whale is definitely a spiritual and psychic creature who
can   help us tap into our own abilities.
   Keywords: Wisdom, knowledge, ancestors, rhythms of life,
inner voice, spirituality, psychic abilities, creativity, truth and

Wolfspirit animal guide is a teacher, a pathfinder and a guardian
who helps us to understand ourselves and others. He brings
new ideas and steers us in the right direction to learn new things
and gain the knowledge and wisdom that we seek. Wolves are
usually found in packs, taking on the responsibilities of family
and they are territorial; prepared to protect themselves. Due to
their sensitive and intuitive nature, they can also spot deceit or
hidden agendas straight away.
   Keywords: Teacher, pathways, guardian, understanding, neW
ideas, knowledge, wisdom, community, responsibilities, protec:
tion, sensitivity, intuition and truth.
This teeny tiny bird brings a huge magical punch of animal
medicine in the form of neW energy, activity and sparks your
mental and emotional vibes. Wren helps you to see into the dark
With exacting clarity, helping guide you in your dreams and medie
tations as well. Wren gives guidance With relationships of all
kinds whether it is family, friends or work colleagues. He light:
ens your heart and shows you the meaning of true happiness
along With determination, resourcefulness and strength to
achieve your goals. Wren also brings balance of emotions and
feelings alioWing you to listen to your inner voice.

  Keywords: Energyi actiVity, emotions, dreams, guidance,
relationships, happiness, determination, resourcefulness,
strength and balance.
                     Animal Endings
Whatever pathway your animal magic journey takes you on; pay
attention, listen and trust your guide the animal kingdom has
much to teach us. Don't take your animal spirit guide for grant:
ed, work together for an amazing experience.

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Baixar 181.4 Kb.

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