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particular colour   or type, whether it is an elemental dragon

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particular colour   or type, whether it is an elemental dragon
(earth, air, fire, water), a region one (ice, sand, snow etc) or a
cultural one (Chinese, Welsh etc) the range is endless. Each one

wlii bring its own very special and unique characteristics and
qualities. The basic qualities of a dragon are strength and
courage, but they can bring all kinds of messages and magical
properties to aid us in life. They are a very primordial energy and
incredibly powerful.
  Keywords: Strength, courage, energy          other meanings are
specific to the type ofdragon.
Elitting in and out of reeds and water plants, the dragonfly is a
master offlight who reflects light and colours. This is one mag:
ical and mystical creature that is often associated with the world
of Eaerie. Dragonfly brings illusion, shapeeshiiting, changes,
transformation, emotions and compassion along With wmgfuls
of healing energy. Dragonfly helps us to see beyond the normal
and the reality into other realms to unleash possibility and
changes within ourselves and the      magic   that the world has to
  Keywords: Magic, mystery, illusion, shapeeshliting, change,
transformation, emotions, compassion, healing, possibilities
and enlightenment.
The mighty eagle immediately makes you sit up straight and take

notice; he is a bird ofimmense power, courage, majesty and au:
thority. As he flies through the skies he helps us to raise our
vibrations and our expectations to see things from a higher view
point, he guides us to inspect every aspect of our own world so
that we can achieve our goals.
   Keywords: Strength, courage, wisdom, knowledge, hidden
truths, perspective, spiritual direction and goals.
Huge hefty creatures, but oh so gentle, the elephant is a great re
mover of obstacles and barriers, not just physically, but also
emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They love to learn new
things and have tremendous amounts of patience. Elephant can
help you take on new challenges or teachings and give you the
confidence to run with it. Elephant is strong and protective, but
also caring, supportive and nurturing.
  Keywords: Removing obstacles, strength, wisdom, confidence,
patience, learning, commitment, gentleness, compassion and
The wily cunning ole fox has appeared   in  myths and legends for
centuries bringing his shapershlfting and healing abilities with
him. He is skilful, creative and full ofthe mystical dawn/dusk in

between magic that is also often associated with the world of
Eaerie. He can teach us his cunning and clever ways using
camouflage, agility and the art ofshapeeshifting. He doesn't out
run... he observes, plans, plots and schemes, anticipating the
next move and outwitting those that chase him. He     is   smart and
crafty, but he does go over the top sometimes and becomes un:
bearably so.
  Keywords: Cunning, stealth, courage, observation, persistence,
Wisdom, magic, shapeeshifting and invis
it was once believed that toads were witches who had shape:
shifted... seriously ifl was going to shapeeshift it wouldn't be
into a toad... but it does mean that toad brings cauldrons full of
magic and Witchcraft with it. Both creatures have very similar
magical properties; the frog is just slightly damper. They are a
representation of rebirth and new life and also a symbol ofawak:
ening... have you kissed any frogs lately? Patience is definitely
one of the virtues frog brings as they spend hours sitting still
waiting for their prey. The tadpole into frog scenario also creates
the powers of transformation and water brings emotions and
  Keywords: Magic, witchcraft, rebirth, new life, awakening, pa:
tierlce, transformation, emotlorls and intuitlorl.

The symbol for the sign ofCapricorn and associated with several
horned gods: the goat is a feisty ole thing. He climbs ridiculously
high sloping mountains with total sureefootedness and likes to
butt heads. Basically goat adapts to his surroundings and is an
alleround survivor, finding his way through any kind of unex:
plored territory or terrain.
   Keywords: independence, strength, survival, foundations,
security, growth, new pathways, confidence, stubbornness and
The grasshopper       with its body parts (but apparently gener:
ally only the males) and can leap over huge obstacles or into
other dimensions, now that's something not everyone can claim
to do. They are also ancient and have a very strong medicine
connection to ancestors. Grasshopper brings good luck and
abundance, but also offers up opportunities for you to just leap
right into, asking you to trust and not always to look before you
leap.jump fonwards...   never   back.
   Keywords:Astral travel, overcoming obstacles, change, ances:
tors, luck, abundance, opportunity and looking forward.

With the head, wings and claws of an eagle at the front and the
body and tail ofa lion, this animal may come across as being a
bit confused. What he actually brings is protection, guardianship
and retribution where needed. He is incredibly powerful and full
of all things magical. His hearing is excellent and he listens not
only to what people are saying out loud, but also the inner
thoughts as well. He symbolises the sun and the elements of
both earth and air. His pathway is one ofspirituai enlightenment.
  Keywords: Spiritual wisdom, enlightenment, guidance,
guardian, protection, vengeance, power, magic and listening.
Often associated with the world of Faerie, in fact it is sometimes
suggested that the hedgehog is a faery or even a Witch in dis:
guise... Linked With witchcraft, the hedgehog has good and bad
folklore superstitions. Hedgehogs are mostly active at dawn and
dusk, the lnsbetween times, so they have links to the OthenNorld,
prophecy and psychic abilities. The hedgehog is probably best
known for its defence mechanism ofroiiing into a bail to present
its sharp spines to the world, keeping it safe from predators, re:
flecting the ability to deal with challenges calmly and effectively.
Definitely an earth element creature, the hedgehog brings a huge
pack ofearth magic along with abundance and fertility.
  Keywords: Eaerie, witchcraft, psychic abilities, prophecy,

Otherworld, defence, challenges, calm, earth magic, abundance
and fertility.
A very powerful animal spirit that is chocked full of deep emo:
tional energy, imagination and ideas. its name translates as
‘water horse’ and it does spend most of the day in the water,
which brings the emotions, intuition and healing. it is also very
physically strong and can help bring grounding energy when we
have a bit of an emotional hissy fit. The water connection also
brings creativity and inspirational floW. They do tend to keep just
a part of their heads above the water so that they know what is
going on even when mostly submerged, so they see and hear
Without losing perspective.
  Keywords: Emotions, imagination, intuition, healing, strength,
grounding, creativity, inspiration, awareness and perspective.
The horse seems to have devoted a huge part of its existence to
seniing  mankind (thank you horseys). It works hard, carries,
transports and is a companion even the power of our cars is
still measured in ‘horse power’. The horse shoe can be seen on
many buildings, hung as a symbol of prosperity and good luck.
There are several horse symbols carved into hillsides across the

UK, all of which are associated With fertility. Horses have also
played a very important part in many wars throughout the ages,
bringing their power and strength with them. Hobby horses have
also appeared in our history linked again with fertility and to en:
sure abundance ofthe crops.
  Keywords: friendship, faithfulness, freedom, endurance,
power, energy, travel, loyalty, overcoming obstacles, fertility and
Called a ladybird in the UK and ladybug in the USA, this tiny little
pretty coloured insect is a powerful animal spirit guide. The shell
keeps it protected, the wings allow it to fly and it has amazing ln:
stincts, feeling vibrations through its legs to allow it to sense the
energy of whatever it is touching. The bright colours also serve
as a warning to predators to keep away, guiding us to send out
the same message to our enemies. The colours ofthis little bug
also bring happiness and joy and remind us to let go offears and
live life to the fullest. The ladybird asks us to trust and have faith,
not just   in   ourselves, but also in those around us too. Ladybird
also brings a connection to our past lives, death and rebirth, re:
newai and spiritual enlightenment.
   Keywords: Trust, faith, Wishes, luck, protection, happiness,
intuition, defence, past lives, cycle oflife and enlightenment.

This has to be one of the most popular animal guides linked to
courage and strength... rawrl Lions live in family groups (prides)
and share the hunting duties: essentially they are quite laid back
about life   in   general. Male lions   are   associated With the solar
gods and lionesses with the mother goddesses including mater:
nity and vengeance.
  Keywords: Sun           goddess magic, hunting, community,
sharing, protection, strength, courage, cooperation, maternity,
vengeance, being heard, relaxation, family and stress release.
Lizards like the best of both worlds in that they love to bask in
the sun, but also to swim in the water and they have their own in:
built heat regulator as they are cold blooded. iftheir tail should
happen to be lost (careless) it Will resgrow. in ancient myths they
symbolise wisdom and good fortune, butalso death and rebirth.
  Keywords: facing your fears, guidance, balance, rebirth, wise
dom, good fortune and the cycle oflife.
This blackeandewhite mystical bird brings feathers full of occult
knowledge. The magpie is also known as a Jack of all trades, but
master of none dabbling in everything. it is a reminder that

whatever task you take on, do it properly and follow it through to
completion. Magpie has the ability to open a gateway to the
world ofspirit and the faerie realms: he can also help with past
life exploration. Be warned though... messing with magic can
have consequences and magpie medicine has a tendency to be
unpredictable. Magpie is also very vocal (they sit in my garden
and shout ifthere   is
                        no food about...) Magpie also loves shiny
things, which is a warning not to fall prey to the lure oftoo many
material things in life.
   Keywords: Occult, magic, knowledge, dedication, spirit world,
faerie, past life, consequences, communication, clarity, oppor:
tunistic, perception, illusion and expression.
A big part ofmole medicine is the ability to trust your senses and
your instincts and to be able to ‘feel’ the truth or a lie. Mole lives
under the ground so makes an excellent guide to the Underworld
and to mysteries and secrets. Mole has faith and can guide you
on your spiritual journey.
  Keywords: Trust, senses, instincts, truth, guidance, Under:
world, mysteries, faith and spirituality.
Definitely one of the     main   characteristics of monkey is playing

around... but they don’t play randomly, they are in fact partic:
ularly choosey about who they play with, perhaps a reminder that
there is a time and a place for humour. Monkeys display com:
passion, understanding and a deep sense of bonding, they also
like to groom, providing support and love to family members.
They have a complex communication system, which can be very
vocal. Also take a look at the position a monkey holds within a
group and relate it to your own position within your social and
work structure. Don’t forget... these creatures are not shy!
   Keywords: Honour, instinct, community, mobility, protection,
playfulness, humour, compassion, understanding and communi:
The mouse was apparently one oprollo's sacred creatures... ifit
is good enough for Apollo it is good enough for anyone. Mice
are urn... let's just say they are prolific... so they represent not
only fertility, but abundance too. Mice are also home lovers and
love to burrow, so they have a strong connection to the Under:
world. Mouse does have some dark myths associating it with
death, but this may derive from later times and the plague. How:
ever, mice do actually keep themselves very clean and well
groomed. They are also industrious, ingenious and good hoard:
ers, conserving their resources. Mouse is also known to be very

timid and nervous, so may be telling you to look at your behave
   Keywords: fertility, abundance, home, Underworld, death,
cleanliness, industrious, ingenious, hoarding, reserves and
Quite a deep, meaningful and complicated animal spirit guide
this one... take your time and really explore all the symbolism
that octopus brings to the table. She has all the usual attributes
ofthe water element, but also ties in with moon magic. Her envie
ronment is always moving and on the change and she adapts
easily to cope with it all. She is a spiritual creature, but one that
lives in contact with the ocean bed so she is also very grounded.
Octopus has the bizarre ability to detach a limb if she is caught
by a predator, which reflects us being able to cut loose all that
weighs   us down.
  Keywords: Emotions, moon magic, adaptability, spirituality,
grounding, letting go, mystery and creativity.
Otter is definitely a water animal, but also With a strong connec:
tion to the earth element too. Otters do like to play and certainly
remind us to enjoy life and not be too serious. Otter is also

extremely   curious   with a love of exploring, he shows us how to
let go ofthe past and that which no longer serves so that we can
move forward With a  skip in our step. They have a very powerful
feminine energy With strong sisterhood tones. Otter is caring,
creative and nurturing and just likes to bob along with the ebb
and flow oflife.
   Keywords: Guidance, psychic abilities, faithfulness, play:
fulness, exploration, curiosity, recovery, feminine energy, caring,
creativity and nurturing.
There are lots of myths and legends about this beautiful bird of
the night and some conflict between good and bad. Owl will dee
fend itselfand the nest ofits young, but it also has an offbeat ap:
proach to parenting where some chicks may starve due to lack of
food or be killed off by siblings. It is a creature of the between
times, choosing to fly at dawn, dusk and during the dark of the
night, so it tends to have connections to gods ofdeath in many
cultures. Some say that to hear an owl screech means impending
doom... Owl is another creature that was said to be a wltch that
had shapeeshit‘ted.
   Keywords: Protection, witchcraft, magic, death and rebirth, si:
ience, sWiftness, deception (uncovering), Undenrvorid, wisdom,
dreams, shapershlfting, messages, secrets and omens.

This category covers panthers, leopards, jaguars and cougars as
they all have the same or very similarcharacteristics.They are ex:
tremely fierce, treacherous, malicious and savage, but they are
also intelligent and quick to learn. These animals bring bravery,
courage, boldness and a beautiful grace. Panther can teach you
how to pace yourself and allow time to rest and play in between
getting the job done. However, panther is always the first and
fastest to respond to any situation and deals well with deadlines
and pressure. Panther can also give guidance within your per:
sonai and professional life. Panther is a feminine energy, the dark
goddess and the dark ofthe moon and is a symbol ofdeath and
  Keywords: Malice, fierceness, bravery, courage, grace, pacing
yourself, pressure, timeframes, life, death and rebirth.
The male peacock likes to strut his funky stuffand with a beau:
tiful tail full offeathers wouldn't you too? He brings heap loads
of self esteem, nobility, vitality and the ability to walk tall and
stand proud. Peacock also brings benevolence, patience, kind?
ness, compassion and good luck. in complete opposition to the
peacocks beautiful appearance it cannot sing to save its life, in
stead its shrieks are said to be the sound of the Underworld...

guess you can't have everything in life. The feathers bring a
mixed message, some say to have the feathers in your home
brings unhappiness, but others believe the feather is one of pro:
tection against evil   and negativity... go with your intuition on this
   Keywords: Dignity, self esteem, confidence, protection, pa:
tience, kindness, compassion, luck, Underworld and nobility.
A beautiful bird from mythology with fiery coloured plumage that
echoes the colours from a glowing fire. The phoenix sacrifices ltr
self by bursting into flame and then rising again reborn from the
ashes, which makes it an incredibly strong spirit animal for death
and rebirth. Said to only eat air, it lives a very solitary life in the
middle of nowhere, appearing among humans only when it is
ready to build its nest and die among the flames. The tears ofa
phoenix are said to have amazing healing powers. Being asso:
ciated With the element of fire (obviously...) it brings all the
correspondences that fire has to offer passion, strength, cre:
ativity and the ability to rise above issues.
   Keywords: Death and rebirth, renewal, healing, passion,
strength, creativity and growth.

Rabbits and hares like to make lots of baby rabbits and hares...
so fertility is key here. They also have a strong connection to the
seasons and the moon. Rabbits like to live in burrows, which
also gives them an earthy grounded energy. Hares do not dig
burrows, but instead live above ground and are good at finding
cover to hide in fields and meadows. Rabbits and hares are both
nocturnal, linking them to intuition, emotions and reflection.
They are very sociable animals and love a bit ofa rabbit get to:
gether, but they can also show aggression and jealousy when
provoked much the
                           same as any family or community. They are
alert and sensitive to the environment around them and very cau:
tious, but theyalso like to have a good hop and a skip.
   Keywords: Eertility, seasons, moon magic, earth energy, intu:
ition, emotions, reflection, social, community, jealousy, sensi:
tivity, caution and joy.
Such a misunderstood creature and blamed incorrectly for so
many things. lts connection to death started way before the Black
Death as it is a sacred animal of the Underworld, carrying spire
itual wisdom rather than plagueeridden fleas. in some cultures
the rat is also considered to bring fertility and wealth. Rats are
definitely cunning and resilient creatures and although they do
like to forage in the rubbish bins they are actually very clean

animals. Did you knoW that rats actually share their food With
each other too? And they help each other out.
    Keywords: Spirituality, wisdom, fertility, wealth, cunning, re:
siiience, cleanliness, sharing, kindness, helpfulness and re:
A very mystical and magical bird, which appears in myths and
legends connected with the occult and dark gods and goddesses
across the   globe. They were often feared because of their habit of
feeding   on the corpses of the   dead hanging from the gallows
(ewwww). However, raven was just doing its bit in the natural
cycle oflife. Raven has the power to help you shift conscious
ness and enter other realms and    dimensions; he is also a shape
shifter himself. Keeper of secrets, magic and transformation, the
raven can  help you uncover and work with your inner fears. He
brings lightness to the dark helping to resolve inner conflicts.
Raven will bring changes to your life and put the spark back into
your magical and spiritual world.
  Keywords: introspection, courage, magic, healing, rebirth, se:
crets and shapeeshiitlng.
Tiny birds... big medicine. A bird of sacrifice and rebirth it also

brings happiness, wisdom, change, growth and renewal. The
robin is also a very caring and nurturing parent. Robin helps you
to let go ofthe past and come out renewed and refreshed. Robin
is very territorial, creative and a guide to trusting your intuition.
Let go ofany dramas or     issues   and learn to sing a happy robin
  Keywords: Happiness, guidance, change, growth, renewal, wise
dom, nurturing, creativity and intuition.
Scorpion is a solitary creature who prefers his own company at:
though he does like the occasional passionate, controlling sexual
fling. The life ofa scorpion is definitely one ofintense shortellved
passion followed by longer bouts of self imposed (and pre:
ferred) solitary. Defence, control and protection     are   keywords
here.A sunrfilled creature that has a definite sting in its tail, Score
pion can also be scared of feeling vulnerable. it looks a bit dis:
mal at first, but if scorpion has come to you, have a look at the
areas ofyour life that it might reflect...
   Keywords: Transition, sex, control, solitary, passion, protec:
tion, defence and vulnerability.
The members of the gull species (which are numerous) can

survive for long periods oftime without food and survive under
generally terrible conditions so he brings cunning and perses
verance, but he also has a very naughty and mischievous side in
cluding being selfish and argumentative. He is a scavenger and
Will eat pretty much anything... and he is loud, very loud! Some
myths tell ofthem being messengers from the gods so they pro:
vide a link to the Otherworld. Although they are found on the
seashore and love to bob about on the water they actually live on
the land and never venture far from the shore, which makes them
‘inbetweenys' and gives them a link to the world of faerie. The
seagull also brings the element of earth and ofwater and all the
associations they carry With them.
   Keywords: Emotions, survival, cunning, perseverance, miss
chievous, selfish, arguments, scavenger, messenger, spirit world,
Otherworld, faerie, communication and behaviour.
Myths and legends tell of the seal being able to shapeeshift into
human form, these magical creatures are often referred to as
seikies. Seals live most of their life in the water, but they do
come ashore to bask in the sun and to give birth.Their deep con:
nection to the sea echoes the rhythms of life and going with the
ebb and flow. Water is also creative and full of imagination,
inspiration and intuition. Seals are keepers of mysteries and can

teach us how to bring balance and harmony to our lives.
  Keywords: Transformation, ebb and flow, emotions, imagi:
nation, inspiration, intuition, mysteries, balance, harmony, ere:
ativity and changes.
Sharks have perhaps gotten a bit ofa bad reputation over the
years and although it is fair to say a large group ofsharks can be
dangerous and unpredictable, they are really quite peaceful crea:
tures. They can, however, be called upon to lend you courage,
protection and confidence to ‘fend ofi’ any unwanted attention.
Obviously they have a very strong connection to the element of
water and for anyone  finding this animal as a guide it would be
worth researching their feeding, living environments and pat:
terns to see how they reflect your own. Shark also brings visions,
prophecy and a psychic connection to spirit and the power to
keep busy and active, sometimes too much.
  Keywords: Unpredictable, courage, protection, confidence,
water magic, visions, psychic work, activity, hunter, survival,
adaptability, independence, emotions and balance.
it might seem an unlikely animal spirit guide, but it has some
interesting medicine to offer...

  Sheep   are innocent and vulnerable and most      definitely   con:
nected to the dream world, as in counting them to go to sleep. it
could also mean you are perhaps ‘iollowing along like a sheep’
and conforming to the will ofothers a little too much. Sheep will
ask you to look at the areas of your life where you feel over:
whelmed or vulnerable and maybe even powerless and will help
you do something about it. On the flip side, sheep could also
help you to get in touch With a softer side ofyour personality.
  Keywords: innocence, vulnerability, healing, dreams and       inner
Okay so it probably wouldn’t be your first choice for an animal
spirit guide, but if it comes your way don’t argue... go with it,
there will be a reason. One of the main purposes for snails are
rival is to bring you patience by the slime load. Snail knows that
good things come to those who wait and anything important is
worth doing properly and at a steady pace; life is all too fast and
we should all slow down and give ourselves time to smell the
roses. Snails aregenerally quite small so also bring the message
that you might need to focus on the detail and take notice ofthe
smaller things. And, ofcourse, the snail is protected by an outer
shell so it brings protective qualities as well as the idea that
sometimes you need to withdraw and have some ‘me time'.

  Keywords: Patience, protection, spiral of life, letting go of
deadlines, slowing down, paying attention to details, inner work
and withdrawal.
Quite often a shadow guide, the snake has so many wonderful
qualities that will help and guide you. it sheds its skin, which re:
minds us that we can shed our illusions and any selfslmposed
limitations or ideas and brings a link to astral travel. Snake also
brings fertility, creation and transformation. He is   a   symbol of
sexuality and linked With many deities for that same reason.
Snake is energy, raW power and our inner spark ofspirituality,
but he also brings healing and Wisdom.
  Keywords: Transformation, fertility, astral travel, creativity,
sexuality, power, spirituality and healing, wisdom.
Another creature that a lot of people are afraid of, but really they
are incredibly magical and have a lot to teach us. They weave the
web of fate and bring a balance between the past and future
bringing spirituality and creativity. Spider brings awareness of
your own web of life and how you create and design everything
that happens around you. Spider hands back the responsibility of
creating your own environment to you, with a reminder that you

are   in   charge.
  Keywords: Creation, weaving reality, infinity, balance, past/
present/future, responsibility and spirituality.
Squirrel is a puzzle solver, there are not many obstacles that the
squirrel can't work his way out of or over and he does so with
complete perseverance. He is also a hoarder, packing away food
to sustain him over the winter months; this guy is totally pre:
pared, but he only takes what he needs. These things are good
guidelines for us to follow. Squirrels also like to have a bit of a
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