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particular place in the ‘great medicine wheel oflife'

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particular place in the ‘great medicine wheel oflife'.
  Animal medicine in the NativeAmerican way refers to the con
nection of the Great Mystery and to all of life that also includes
healing of the mind, body and spirit, bringing you personal
power, strength and understanding. It is the living oflife in such
a way that brings healing to Mother Earth and to all the creatures
that live on her. It   is   ‘all encompassing’ and entails walking on
the planet in perfect harmony with her energies, the seasons and
the animals and plants on her.
   l have worked wlth       a   medicine wheel system for years that in
volves   nine   totem animals, each one having its own special
place, energies and position on the medicine wheel, but because
of my own particular pathway, that of a Witch, it was suggested
to me by a very wise lady that I create something more ‘witchy'
so my animal spirit medicine pentacle was born. The animals wlll
represent, assist, support and help each individual person, their
abilities, talents and challenges.
  There are seven directions surrounding our bodies; East,
South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. You will have an

animal spirit guide for each ofthese directions and each one wlll
have different lessons for you relevant to that direction. The
other two animals that make up the nine guides are the ones that
walk beside you at all times, they correspond to your right side
and your left side.
  You may only need to find these animals once; they wlll then
always be YOUR animals for your own personal medicine
wheel... but life changes and so do you so be fiexible.
                      Pentacle Medicine Wheel
  Above;    Honouring the divine, you are connected and part of
  the ‘all’. This animal teaches you how to honour and guides
  you to other worlds and dimensions.
  Below: How to stay grounded and on your path. This animal
  will teach you how to stay grounded and centred and how to
  make a true connection to Mother Earth.

        Fi re                                 Water
                 Left                   Right
                 Air                  Earth
Within; How to   be true to yourself This animal will guide you
to your inner truth and show you how to be happy and con
tent. ltalso guardsyourown very special inner sacred space.
         feminine energy, trust, receiving and nurturing. This
Left; Your
animal shows you how to receive the abundance you deserve
and to nurture yourselfand others. This animal is your teach;
Right; Your masculine energy, courage and warrior spirit. This
animal is your guardian and protector.
Earth: Silent, centred, inner work, Stability, home and hearth,

  manifesting and confidence. This animal gives you wisdom
  and counsel and also prompts you when the time is right to
  speak and when to listen.
  Air; To know, intuition, intellect,   wisdom and imagination.
  This animal guides you to your spiritual challenges and shows
  you the way to enlightenment.
  Fire: To will, discipline, application, focus and determination.
  This animal brings protection, but also helps you to know
  when to trust, it also releases your passion and inner child.
  Water; To dare, emotions, challenges, conviction and fol
  lowing your heart.This animal leads you to your personal truth
  and the answers that lie within, it can also help guide you to
The medicine pentacle is used to gather together the energies of
all the animals, creatures, beings, humans, Mother Earth, father
Sky and all our relations in the universe.
  The medicine pentacle is a symbol for the cycle oflife, which
is forever evolving and brings us new lessons and truths as we
walk along our own individual pathways and journeys. Walking
the pentacle means that every direction is to be honoured and ex
perienced and the circle that encompasses them all must also be
  The medicine pentacle teaches us that all lessons are equal, as

are all talentsand abilities. Native Americans believe that every
living creature will one day see and experience each spoke of a
medicine wheel and know all those truths. The medicine pentacle
is a pathway to truth and peace and harmony and the circle is
never ending. The medicine pentacle is life, afterlife, rebirth and
the honouring ofeach step along the way.
  The following meditation will help you find your nine spirit
guide animals. However, if you already work wlth one or two
main   guides you   can   add them in at the left side and right side
positions, ifyour main animal spirit guide is female, put them on
the left, ifthey are male, put them on the right.
  Meditation to FindYour Nine Medicine Pentacie spirit Guide
Make yourself comfortable and focus on your breathing, deep
breaths in and deep breaths out...
  You find yaurselforl a largeflat dusty plain, the sun is warm and
  you canfeel it on your face and body. There are mountain ranges
  to one side ofyou anda stream to the other.
     You notice a campfire burning a short distance away from you
  so you headtowards it, when you get closer to the fire you notice a
  circle ofstones placed all around it. You walk slowly around the
  circle ofstones, the point at which you stand has a larger pile of

stones and as you walk further you notice another   point has a pile
offeathers...   a bit further round there is a
                                            pile of shells, then a
terracotta bowl with what looks like hot coals in glowing bright
red and sending out sparks. Then you notice a smaller circle inside
the larger one... this one hasjust been drawn in the sand and
marked at several points, one has a rough star shape, and there is
a circle, a heart, a stick man and a stick woman drawing as well.
  You pause and look out to the landscape... and then up to the
sky... then back to the circles and the fire.
   You head towards the pile offeathers and sit on the ground...
looking outwards to the east at the landscape with your back tar
wards the   fire...allow your eyes to unfocus and your head to
clear... an animal comes into you vision, it might befrom the sky
it might befrom the earth, it might befrom the mountains or the
stream... you askfit is your east animal guide... and then thank
itfor being with you.
   You move to the next marker, the bowl ofhot rocks and sit on
the ground, looking outwards to the south at the landscape with
your back towards the fire, allow your eyes to unfocus and your
head to clear.. an animal comes into your vision, it might befrom
the sky, it might be from the earth, it might befrom the moans
tains or the stream... you ask ifit is your south animal guide...
and then thank itfor being with you.

  You move to the next marker, the pile ofshells and sit on the
ground, looking outwards to the west at the landscape with your
back towards the fire, allow youreyes to unfocus and your head to
clear.. an animal comes into your vision, it might befrom the sky,
it might befrom the earth, it might befrom the mountains or the
stream... you ask ifit is your west animal guide... and then thank
itfor being with you.
   You move to the next marker, the large pile ofrocks and sit on
the ground, looking outwards to the north at the landscape with
your back towards the fire, allow your eyes to unfocus and your
head to clear.. an animal comes into your vision, it might befrom
the sky, it might be from the earth, it might be from the moans
tains or the stream... you ask ifit is your north animal guide... and
then thank itfor being with you.
   Then you turn and face the fire, stand up with your arms out
stretched and face the sky, allow your eyes to unfocus and your
head to clear.. an animal comes into your vision... you ask ifit is
yourabove animal guide... and then thank itforbeing with you.
  Then sit on the earth facing the fire and drop your eyes to the
ground, allow them to unfocus and your head to clear.. an animal
comes into your vision... you ask fit is your below animal guide...
and then thank itfor being with you.
  Stay seated, butfocus on the flames    ofthe fire, allow your eyes

  to   unfocus and your head to clear.. an animal will appear in the
  flames... you ask ifit is your within animal guide and then thank
   itfor being with you.
      Now look towards the right oftheflames in the fire, allow your
   eyes to unfocus and your head to clear.. an animal will appear in
   your vision... ask ifit is your right side animal guide and then
   thank itfor being with you.
      Now look towards the left oftheflames in the fire, allow your
   eyes to unfocus and your head to clear.. an animal will appear in
   your vision... ask ifit is your left side animal guide and then thank
   itfor being with you.
      sit for a moment and run through the nine animals that have
   appeared to you... and then take the bowl ofhot stones and add
   them to the fire, next take the feathers and throw them up to the
   winds. Pick up the shells and return them to the stream that runs
  just a way offrom the fire... then walk back to the large pile of
  stones and send your thanks.
       When you are ready slowly come back to the room...
Write down the animals that you met and what position on the
pentacle they were situated. Take some time and research each
                                   and energies relate to you.
one then see if their characteristics
These animals can provide you with a huge amount of support
and guidance, come back to meet with them often especially
when you need particular guidance.

Do you have a fearaboul a particularanlmalPTl’lere are a few that
seem to     be favourites for that category, such as spiders and
snakes. There is a reason we fear them... they bring us chale
lenges. You might absolutely hate them and not be able to go
near one or even watch it on TV or see a photograph of it. My
husband has a tear ofsnakes and has to turn away ifan image of
one appears on the Tv screen. l know people who can’t go into a
room   ifthey know a spider is in there. The animal may often ap
pear in your nightmares too. These are shadow animals and they
bring the life lessons that we are avoiding, the ones that we really
do need to learn, but don't want to. It reflects our shadow selves,
the part of our personalities that we don't necessarily like very
much or the characteristics we wish we didn’t have.
  It helps to narrow down the tear; do you hate all spiders tor ins
stance or   is   it just the   big ones? Or the   ones that you think are
poisonous and will bite you? Do you hate all snakes or just the
ones that can squeeze you to death? With your shadow animal
you can work with the same template that we used for your anie
mal spirit guide, writing down all the details about it, where it
lives, what it eats etc, but add in a couple of other questions to
the list such as, ‘Carl it physically hurt me?’ and, ‘What about it
do I really hate?‘

  How do we work with our shadow animal guide? You know
what l am going to say don’t you? Confront them. Yep sorry,
that’s about the be all and end all of it. shadow work is hard, it
can take a   long time and it is pretty much    ongoing,   but if you
manage to make even a small crack it then it is so worthwhile.
  I am not suggesting you literally contront your shadow animal
race on, but you can work With it through meditation, which is
hopetully a little less scary. ltyou have an animal spirit guide that
brings you strength, you could meditate and bring your sups
portive guide wrth you to meet the shadow one. It is about idenllr
tying the feelings, instincts or personality traits that we deny or
ignore and bringing them out into the light. shadow energy is
powerful and it you can race it and tap into it then it can be
brought to walk beside you rather than fighting against you. Be
open and honest with your shadow guide and it will help you
understand your own selt on a whole ditterent level, it can liters
ally be [ifeecl'langing

                    Animal Spell Working
The magical power in each and every animal living, extinct or
mythical can be used to assist you in your daily life and can be
utilised in spells to aid you in certain situations.
  It is nearly impossible to read old collections oimagic without
seeing something using the energy from animals. l don’t mean
divination from entrails though...
  Throughout history we can see illustrations of animals being
used rather than the actual live creature, for instance the Egyps
tians carried small carvings ofcats With them as protection and a
13th century Hebrew text suggests that carving a falcon onto a
piece ot topaz would ensure the goodwill of leaders, putting a
lion on a garnet would bring honour and protection and a bat
onto a bloodstone would        bring increased power to magical
  Get creative, if you want to use the power or an animal for a
spell look around and see what you come up with. Try small
figurines, metal charms, pictures from magazines or the internet,
product labels, badges, picture playing cards, carvmgs the list
is endless.
  Think about the intent that you want to work your spell for and
then ask yourself what animal you associate with that intent. If
your spell is for confidence, you might like to draw on the

magical powers of peacock or ifyou need the ability to overcome
obstacles then bat or elephant would be an ideal animal to work
  Here are some references for animals to use for particular in
  .Calt upon the hoarding instincts of the squirrel to help you
    with your finances.
  .Ask the dove to bring you love.
  . lnvite the   courage and cunning of the wolf to help you
   through a difficult time.
  .lnvoke a dragon ofprotection.
  .Butterfly emerging from a cocoon brings transformation.
  .Flya Winged horse on an astral journey.
  .Alturle with the masculine spirit of the forest through the
    mighty stag.
  . seek healing from the dolphin.
  . find the courage of the lion for an interview or a situation
    that requires it.
  . Swan Wlll bring grace.
  .Frog  or toad bring new beginnings (it’s a tadpole thing...).
    Rat can help you overcome hatred.
           can bring balance andrelaxatlon.
  .   Horse can help you to overcome obstacles (think about it
      lumping over fences).

    Animal Divination, Omens and Superstitions
Animals feature heavily in many divination methods, typically by
their symbolic value at the time of observation or by patterns cre
ated during ritual sacrifice. While l would not personally advoe
cate ritual animal sacrifice in any way, shape or form, you can ob
serve the wildlife around you, chance encounters and dreams. Al
though you do manage to get your hands on small animal
bones via road kill or if the animal has been used for food, they
do make excellent divination tools.
  Get to know your area and read up on animal folklore. There
are an incredible amount of sayings that we still use today that
actually hold up in fact. The saying that when swallows fly low
rain will soon follow has real meaning because swallows like to
follow the insects that they feed on and the insects move away
from stormy areas. As a method of divination, seeing the swalr
lows flying low means that you need to take an umbrella with you
when you go out, but it could also be interpreted that there   lS
bit ofa personal stormy issue headingyourway.
   Astragalomancy, Scapulimancy, Plastromancy and the Rest
Very long and totally unpronounceable words, but they actually
mean   divination by animal bones and shells and animal sights
ings or behaviour.

  Astragalomancy is the form of divination using dice marked
With letters or numbers, traditionally the dice would have been
made from knucklebones or other small bones.
  scapulimancy     uses    scapulae, which is the proper   name for
shoulder bones. There were two versions ofthis form ofdivinar
tion. In one the scapula of an animal was examined after its
slaughter and in the second the bone was heated or burnt and
then the results were interpreted. The bones would be cleaned
after feasting and then held up to the light. Arly shadowy or dark
patches showmg on the bone would be used to foretell the fur
  Plastromancy is similar to scapulimancy, but      uses turtle   plass
tron. Questions would be put forward and carved onto the shell
in oracle bone script, then heat would be applied with a metal
rod until the shell cracked. The cracks would be interpreted as
answers to the questions.
  Osteomancy is the collective name for divination by exami
nation ofbones.
  In the Yoruba tradition merininlogun is performed, which is
divination   using a set   of i6 cowrie shells. Variations on cowrie
shell divination can also be found      in   santeria and Candomble
  Celts had similar procedures using hot coals and the shoulder

bone of a pig, as did Romans using sheep bones. The Greeks
cast lots using knucklebones from sheep, while both 2qu tribes
and Bantu used a variety of animal bones for     various   types of
divinatory castings.
  South African shamans use bones and shells, along with var
ious other natural items for their divinations; this type ofdivinae
tion is also used   inHoodoo. The shaman would use abalone
shells for financlal questions, cowrie shells in decisionemaking
and spiral shells to determine the best timing for any event in
combination with chicken bones, which have different meanings
dependingon how they land in a casting.
  Alectryomancy is rooster divination; the diviner scatters grain
on the ground and then observes how a bird      ,
                                                   usually a white
rooster or cockerel pecks at it, interpreting the pattern left once
the bird has eaten.
  Aform ofapantomancy is divmation by chance meeting ofanls
mals, such as a black cat crossing your path. sheesh, black cats
get a really bad deal...
  Arachnomancy is divination by spiders.
  Ancient Romans would interpret the flight of birds. This is
called augury, although the word augury can also mean signs
that can be interpreted as omens in general. The word ore
nithomancy is from ancient Greece and means reading omens

from the actions ofbirds, particularly when they take flight or cry.
  Batraquomancy is divination with frogs.
  Canomancy is prophecy from observing dogs.
  choriomancy     is the
                           ability to divine using a pig’s bladder.
  Gonchomancy is divination using a set ofshells.
  Entomomancy uses insects for predictions.
  in Ancient Rome haruspicy was performed; this is the inspece
tion ofthe entrails ofan animal for the purpose ofdivination and
a variation is extispicy which used sacrificed animals, while l'leps
toscopy means reading omens from livers.
   Hyomancy is wild hog divination.
  spatilomancy is divination using animal excrement... let's not
try that one at home.
  Theriomancy    covers animal      behaviour divination.
                  chance Meetings and sightings
We have probably all been wandering aimlessly down a pathway
or across a   park when a rabbit or a squirrel jumps in front of us
or a crow   lands on the fence beside us. We may think nothing of
it, but our ancestors would definitely have paid proper attention.
Each encounter would have had a very specific meaning.
  Here are some examples ofbird omens:

  crow eawing from the southeasc Beware of an enemy and
  bring in some protection.
  Dove: Peace and happiness.
  Eagle: Success through positive application of personal abile
  ities, so be tenacious.
  Magpie: Seeing one magpie is thought to be a very bad omen,
  but seeing two is lucky... maybe you could look twice?
  Sparrow: Peace in your home, unless it nests on yourwindow
  then it could mean a bit of love trouble, communicate with
  each other!
Then we have the    rest ofthe animal kingdom, here are some gene
E:rat omens:
  Ant: An ant nest near your home, while annoying,     apparently
  signifies care and guidance from the divine.
  Bats: Don’t kill a bat... it shortens your own life span (not as
  much as the has though).
  Bees: lfthey fly around you then it is a sign of messages come
  ing, perhaps from spirit. Landing but not stinging is a   sign   of
  good luck (notiust because itdidn’t stingyou).
  Butterfly: One coming into your home means a wedding or
  Cat: Could be good    bad depending on whether you were
  doing something decent or hotjust before you saw it. To kill a
  cat is a total dlsastel.

  Hare: One seen first thing in the morning is a sign of bad luck,
  be careful.
  Horse: Meeting a horse on your      iaunts out   means very   good
  news is coming your way.
  Moth: One flying toward you brings an important letter or
  phone call on its wings (riot literally obviously).
  Mouse:A brown or white one      brings good luck, but a grey one
  brings bad.
  Snake: One entering your home brings good luck With it (no
  thanks), but ifyou own     a snake and it packs up its bags and
  leaves then it is a sign ofbad luck.
There are some really silly animal omens, but a lot of them are
based on some kind of fact or at least loosely so.
  Your own pets can also be tools ofdivination, especially cats:
  Washing its face: visitors are coming; obviously it wants to
  look its best.
  Walking on your cat’s tail: Bad luck Will follow, not iust for the
  stray entering your home: A very good omen that money is on
  its way to you.
  Sneezing:This is good luck for everyone in the home.

Because most people are obsessed with the weather, how about
using animals to      forecast:
  Ants: Stepping on them            brings rain (and it is mean).
  Chickens: Staying out           in the rain   means that you   should expect
  rain all
  crickets: chirping loudly means it Will be a nice day.
  Cows: Restless cows with tails             in   the air or lying down means
  Spider: spinning in the          rain
                                          means the rain will   stop shortly.
                         Animals in your Dreams
Dream interpretation dates back for thousands of years, docu
ments from          i35oBC
                         Babylon detail dream symbols. They
would look at the entire dream story to ascertain the meaning.
Assyrians, however, would look at each individual element in a
dream. Egyptians had dream oracles and Hittites prayed to the
gods to reveal themselves in their dreams. Native Americans
look at dreams as visions that speak to the spirit world.
  Here are some animal meanings from yourdreams:
  Bear: Grumpiness, forbearance, protection, fearlessness.
  Bird in a cage: Loss offreedom or the illusion offreedom.
  Cat:    Recuperative force, new beginnings, mystical energies, an

  alternative lunar emblem.
  Dog: A friendly   dog symbolises friendship, but an angry   one
  means arguments.
  Dragon: financial success boost.
  Dragonfly: Balance between thought and feeling, potential rests
  lessness, good luck.
  Killing an animal: Purposeful banishing of something specific
  in your life. Considerwhat that animal represents.
  Monkey: slacking in your personal and spiritual development,
  unwise action, too much messing about.
  Whale: The beginning ofa new, but difiicult course of action
  that Will come out positively, renewal.
Remember, dream interpretation is highly sublecllve.

                     Animal Parts in Magic
it         your call as to whether you are comfortable using arlie
     is totally
mal parts in magic, whether it is in spell workings, divination or
on your altar to honour the animal. l have a magpie wing, skull
and feet on my animal spirit altar, but they came from a road kill
bird (that was properly dried out and treated so that the parts
don’t rot). I also have a set of boar's teeth. I didn’t go out and
bash the poor animal over the head just; to get a pretty decoe
ration for my altar. However, with something like road kill i think
it honours the animal to remove it from the road and clean it up.
it now sits in pride ofplace and not only brings the energy ofthe
magpie to my magic, but also serves as a reminder ofthe cycle
oflife and death.
     lfyou choose to eat meat then i also think it is only fairto hone
ourthe animal. Whenever funds allow, try to purchase organic or
farm assured meat (or eggs) and ifyou are using something like
a whole chicken then  perhaps think about using the bones once
the flesh has been eaten. Chicken bones clean up very well and
can be made into a divination set or carved with symbols to
make a fetish or even chopped up or ground to go into medicine
bags. if you eat the meat then honour the animal by using as
much ofit as you possibly can without waste.
  Bird wings make exceptionally good wafters for sending the

smoke around when you are smudging either at home or when in
a group circle. Single feathers also work well for the same pur
  Claws, small bones and antlers can also be used as altar dec:
orations or pieces of iewellery to bring the connection from the
animal to you oryourcircle.
  some   items are naturally shed by the animal such as antlers,
feathers and snake skins, all ofthese can be utilised for magical
  Animal parts have been used in magic for thousands ofyears
and some of the items used and their magical properties were
recorded. Here is a list ofsome interesting ones:
  Adder: Hang the skin by the chimney to bring good luck or put
  in the rafters ofyour house for protection against fire.
  Alligator: The tradition ofwearing an alligator tooth on a chain
  as a necklace is said to bring luck and safety.
  Ants: Eat theireggs with   honey to work as an antidote to love...
  you would probably have to be quite desperate to try this one...
  Bats:These were   hung near pigeon houses in ancient Egypt to
  keep the birds from flying away. in Europe bats were buried at
  a crossroads With magical herbs as love spells.
  Bear: When a member of the   family died, a bear head was
  buried with their body to keep them safe in the afterlife.

Romans wore images ofthe bear or bear claws to ease child
birth and protect the unborn.
Bees: images of the bee can be found all over the world on    arls
cient sites, especially burial tombs as they were believed to
protect the dead and help the soul travel safely to the other
Cat:ifyou find a cat whisker (don't pull it out from the cat...
ouch) you can use thewhisker in a Wishing spell.
cockerels: The claws bring protection and the blood is used in
spells and charms forVoodoo and santeria practices.
Crow: The     bird poop from a crow was used by Aryans in fer:
tility spells... ahem. NativeAmericans would give a black feathe
er from a crow as a death curse.
Fish:These were eaten by Teutons to absorb their divine prop:
Frog: Erog symbols and ornaments were carried by Egyptians
to bring good health and placed in tombs to represent rebirth.
Erogs were placed into the mouth of a sick person then sent
away to ‘take the sickness with it’.
Hare/rabbit: We all know the tradition for carrying   a   rabbit's
foot to bring good luck.
Lion: In ancient Egypt, lion images were placed at the entrance
to temples to bring protection and fertility.

  Salmon: Eating the flesh ofthe salmon will bring Wisdom and
  Seal: Romans wore sealskins to bring protection from thune
  derstorms, which is actually a sensible idea.
 Tortoi e: whispering your wish to a tortoise will in turn convey
 the message direct to a sea god who will then grant it... pre
  sumably the message travels to the gods a lot faster than a tore
  toise walks...
Note: Do check the laws for your area as some places do not
allow collection of certain bird feathers.

                   Animal Magic in Ritual
l have worked a few rituals where we used animal magic to call            in
the quarters. Each and every animal           is   associated with one or
sometimes two ofthe elements        e
                                        earth, air, fire, water   e
                                                                     and you
can ullllse these Corlrlecllorls in ritual.
  The quarter calls might go something like this:
  Spirits ofthe east, spirits ofthe air
  Spirit ofthe mighty black raven
  Bringto us purification and clarity
  Your thought, memory and all seeing
   Raven welcome and blessed bel
  Spirits ofthe south, spirits oftheflame
  Spirit ofthe warrior wild boar
  Bringto us your creativity and passion
  Your glow, light andforce
  Wild boar welcome and blessed bel
  Spirits ofthe west, spirits ofthe water
  Spirit ofthe beautful dolphin
  Bringto us your deepest intuition and truest emotions
  Your strength, power and world walking
  Dolphin welcome and blessed bel

  Guardians ofthe north, spirits ofthe earth
  Spirit ofthe strong wolf
  Bringto us your spirit ofprosperity
  Your leadership, vision and companionship
  Wofwelcome and blessed bel
Those animals are iust examples you can work with whatever
you feel drawn to, here are some ideas:
  Earth animals: Bear, wolf, deer, snake, rabbit, cow, most four
  legged animals
  Air animals: Butterfiy, bat, dragonfiy, most fiying insects, most
  Fire animals: Lizards, salamanders, phoenix, scorpion, desert
  creatures, wild cats (Ilorls, tigers etc)
  Water animals:     Dolphin, whale, seal, crab, seagull, duck,
  beaver, otter, all fish
                           Zodiac Animals
You could work with animals from the zodiac that are appro
priate for your sun sign because they should be ‘ih tune' with
your personality. i say should be’ because we know these things
aren't; always exact and with
                              your zodiac signs it all depends on
where the other planets were when you were born too.

  Aries: The ram
  Taurus: The bull
  Gemini: No specific animal, but it is an air sign so most birds
  would be suitable
  cancer: The crab
  Leo:The lion
  virgo: No specific animal, but it is an earth sign so forest
  dwelling creatures would be suitable
  Libra: No specific animal, but it is an air sign so most birds
  would be suitable
  Scorpio:The scorpion
  Sagittarius:The centaur, deer/stag or horse
  capricorn: The goat
  Pisces: Fish
In Chinese astrology, the year in which you were born is asso:
ciated with a particular animal.
  Rate 2008,T996,1984,1972,196o,1948,T936
  Tiger: 2010, 1998, i986, 1974, l962, igso, 1938
  Rabbit: 201), i999, 1987, i975, 1963, iggi, i939
  Dragon: 2012, 2000, l988, i976, i964, i952, lg40
  Snake: 2013, 200T, 1989, i977, 1965, 1953, :94:

  Horse: 2014, 2002, lggo, i978, T966, 1954, 1942
  Monkey: 2016, 2004, i992, 1980, 1968, l956, l944
  Rooster: 2017, 2005, l993, ioai, 1969, 1957, 1945
  Dog: 2018, 2006, 1994, i982, 1970, i958, l946
  Pie 20191007.i995ii983ii97lii959i1947
                       Celtic Animal Zodiac
This one is a modern invention as far as l can tell although the
ancient clans would have been very much connected to the ani:
mal world. You can find several variations ofthis zodiac across
the internet.
  Dec 24-]an 2o: Stag/deer
  lan 2t.reb :7:Cat or dragon
  Feb is.Mar i7:Adder/snake or seahorse
  Mar is.Apr i4: on or hawk
  Apr 15-May t2: Cow/bull or sea serpent
  May i3.)une 9: Seahorse or fox
  lune to.)uly 7: Wren or white horse
  [uly Mug4: Horse or     unicorn
  Aug 5-Sep i: Fish/salmon
  Sep 2-Sep 29: Swan
  Sep 30-Oct 27: Butterfly

  Oct 23-Nov 241Wotfor   hound
  Nov 25-Dec 23: Ealcon/hawk or horse
There are plenty of resources to look into for more details on
both zodiac and Chinese astrology animals ifyou are interested.
                        Animal Deities
There are numerous gods and goddesses across the globe that
are referred to as ‘animal delties’ or have particular animals that
are sacred to them.
  if you work with the gods then you may find that the animal
spirit guide that comes to you is also associated with one ofthe
deities you often work with. Or it might be worth investigating to
see what   deity your animal spirit guide is connected with, you
 might be pleasantly surprised synchronicity usually works in
 mysterious ways!
   You can also find out more about your animal spirit guide by
 researching the gods they are associated with. Below l have listed
just a few of the animals and the associated deities. it is by no
 means comprehensive, but may give you a place to start.
  Bears:Artemis    (Greek), Artio (Gaulish)
  Cats: Bast (Egyptian), Freya (Norse), Hecate      (Greek), Cer:
  ridwen (Welsh)
  Crows: Amaterasu    ()apan),The Morrigan/Badb/Macha (lrish),
  Apollo (Greek)
  Cows: Amun (Egypt), Dyaus   (lndia), Hathor (Egypt)
  Deer/stag: Einn (lrish), Horned God/Cernnunos, Elen of the
  Ways (British)

Dogs: Diana (Roman), Papa          Legba (West African), Hecate
(Greek), Anubis (Egypt)
Dolphins: Anubis     (Egypt), Aphrodite      (Greek), Poseidon
Eagles:Athena (Greek), Ganymede (Greek), Eagle Mother (Na:
tive American), Horus (Egypt)
Fox: Loki (Norse), lnari (Japan)
Croats: Aphrodite
                (Greek),Amalthea (Greek), Baphomet
Horses:Apollo (Roman), Epona (Celtic), Candra (lndia), Odin
Lion: lsis (Egypt), Sekhmet (Egypt), lshtar (Babylonian)
Magpies:Apollo (Roman), Skadi (Norse), Hel (Norse)
Owls:Athena (Greek), Blodeuwedd (Welsh), lsis (Egypt)
Peacock: Athena (Greek), Ganymede (Greek), Hera (Greek),
Saraswati (Hindu)
Pigs/boars: The Cailleach (Celtic), Varahi (Hindu), Marici
(Buddhist), Arduinna (Celtic), Durga (Hindu)
Raven: Odin (Norse),   Lugh (Celtic), Bran (Welsh), Morgan le
an (Celtic)
Snakes: lsis (Egypt), Papa Legba (Haiti), Ra (Egypt), Wad)et
(Egypt), Aida Wedo (Haiti)
Spiders: Arachne (Greek), Anansi (African), Spider Woman
(NativeAmerican), Uttu (Sumerian)

Swans:  Aphrodite (Greek), Venus (Roman), Zeus (Greek),
Apollo (Greek), Brighid (Celtic), Saraswati (Hindu)
Wolf: The Cailleach (Celtic), Apollo (Greek), Odin (Norse),
Cerridwen (Celtic), Cernnunos, Merlin
wild animals: A)a (Yoruban), Artemis (Greek), Aranyani
(Hindu), Herne (Germanic), Diana (Roman)
       Animal Magicfrom Air, Water and Earth
                            Bird Magic
Many animal spirit guides will come in the form ofwinged crea:
tures and these have carried magic with them for thousands of
years. Many deities have bird sidekicks and all manner ofwinged
fanciful creatures legends and myths are full ofthem.
   I would imagine to   our ancestors a creature that   could take to
the airwould have been quite mystical and so they started to ap
pear in folklore and omens. Birds could foretell death or bring
good luck; they were messengers from the gods, angels or souls
ofthe dead.
  Not only do they bring the element ofair, but also the ability to
make a connection between the earth and the sky.
  with bird animal guides you not only get the opportunity to
work With the animal itself, but also in the form of eggs and
feathers, both very magical items. The egg is a complete set of
the four elements all in one handy container the shell repre:
sents earth, the inner membrane represents air, the yolk is fire
and the white is water. The egg also symbolises the earth, life
and renewal.
  Eeathers are the element ofair, there couldn’t be a more sym:
bolic representation of air unless you could capture a gale in a
jar. lfyou are gifted With a feather make a connection with it, it

could be a message for you, it might be from spirit, some think it
is a sign of angels or it might be a reminder that you need to
make a conscious effort to get out into nature and some believe
that a gift ofa feather is also a link to the world of Eaerie.
   if you find a feather give it some thought... what were you
thinking aboutjust before you found it.> What is going on in your
life at the moment? What was your initial thought when you saw
it or what words popped into your head? Any ofthese questions
may help determine the reason or it might )ust be a gift for you to
keep for later use.
  Eeathers have long been associated With omens and the
colours have meaning. Here are some traditional colour corre:
spondences, but if you find a coloured feather and it means
something else to you... go with your intuition:
  Black: Can mean bad luck and was often thought to mean
  death, but I also think it can be a warning to bring in protec:
  Brown: Home, hearth, grounding or    friendship.
  Grey: Peace.
  Black and white: Averting trouble or change is coming.
  White: Often said to be a sign the angels are watching over
  you and faith and hope.
  Vellow: Success or acknowledgement that you are on the right

  Pink: Love.
  Blue:A spiritual connection or awakening and inspiration.
  Red:Good fortune, passion.
  Green: Health, healing or   prosperity.
Eeathers from particular birds have their own specific meanings
  Blue )ay feathers: Bringjoy, happiness and light.
  crow feathers: Excellent for wisdom, knowledge and helping
  us to let go ofunwanted feelings, thoughts or   negative energy.
  Robin feathers: Bring new projects, plans and beginnings.
  Swan feathers: White swan feathers  hold purification, cleanse
  ing, beauty and positive energY; black swan feathers can be
  used to dispel negative energy.
  Hawk feathers: Bring the magic ofthe hunt.
  Eagle feathers: Hold huge amounts of energy, but also bring
  peace, happiness and protection.
  Magpie feathers: Bring   magic,   divmation skills, wisdom and
  Pigeon feathers: Bring peace, love and communication.
  Blackbird feathers: Bring poetry, inspiration,      music   and a
  stronger connection with meditation.

Use feathers as charms, amulets, talismans, in medicine pouch:
es and in spells. They are a readymade fetish (a charm with mag:
ical powers) and can be fashioned into smudge fans, healing
sticks, fetish pots, prayer sticks and wands.
                         World oflnsects
This   a huge group of animals, but many of them share the
same characteristics as each other and ifyou meet an insect spire
it guide it is worth looking at the group as a whole. It    is   a very
primitive group of beings and can sometimes require a different
approach to most animal guides. Insects adapt to their envi:
ronment, they are industrious and take opportunities that come
their way, they are efficient and they metamorphosis.
                          Under the Sea
The oceans and also rivers and lakes have a diverse and fascl:
nating collection of creatures. if a watery mammal or sea/fresh
water fish comes your way then take a very special look at its
habitat. Is it fresh water or saltwater? Does it have to come up to
the surface for air or does it live on the sea bed? is it a solitary
creature or does it swim around   in   shoals? Does it survive in the
cold oceans or thrive in tropical waters? All these things can help
you to learn about and understand your animal guide. Being so
closely associated With water it will also have the magical

properties of healing, cleansing, purification and dealing with
These creatures are some ofthe most ancient on this planet and
they have survived whatever has been thrown at them, including
some of them   having suniived since the time of the dinosaurs.
The main difference with this group of animals is that they are
cold blooded and they tend to ‘keep their cool' as animal guides
and this reflects onto the person. Definitely check out the habi:
tats and way of life for these critters if one has made you its

                      Animal Meanings
l have included some of the more popular animals here along
With mythical ones as well, but it is by no means comprehensive.
lfan animal comes to you, do as much research as you can.The
meanings given here are general With some of my own thoughts
and feelings thrown in for good measure. They are not definitive
and you may well find different meanings when you start to work
with your animal spirit guides.
Think about a nest full of ants... industrious )ust doesn’t cover it
  these little guys work their butts off. They are also part ofa
community and work together as a team, each one knowing ex:
actly what it needs to do. They also have enormous amounts of
patience and determination. They bring honour and respect With
them and work together for the good of their community. They
also create and design, sometimes huge constructs.
   Keywords: Hard work, teamwork, patience, determination, cree
ating your dreams, community and equality.
A creature ofthe night and also the wildness ofthe woods, they
are ancient   and respected creatures. They are playful and

mischievous, but they also work hard creating underground tun:
nels, which they like to redesign, providing a home for future
generations. They can be aggressive, but only when they feel in
danger and they will stand their ground and fight for what they
want. They are also healers, tapping into the magic of earth to
bring relief Although their sight isn’t great they do have an excel:
lent sense of smell and hearing. The badger doesn’t mess
around, it just gets on with it and gets the job done efficiently.
Badger is also very self reliant although with a tendency to hide
away from others and is apparently quite house proud.
     Keywords: Wisdom,   cunning,  perseverance, earth magic, pro:
tection, creativity, fighting for your rights, organisation, fearless
and solitary.
Some folklore stories suggest that bats were thought to be witch:
es and ifone fiew close by you it was a Witch checking up on you
or sending a curse. l think the bat gets a bit of bad press and the
horror film industry has not helped. They are in fact beautiful,
highly sensitive creatures who bring intuition, dreams and vi:
sions. They also have really cool night
                                        senses, including night vie
sion and echolocation, which
                                can help you to see through illu:
sions   and find the truth. The bat is very sociable and loves noth:
ing more than a good ole chat with the rest of the group. Living

in the dark caves of Mother Earth, the bat brings rebirth as it
emerges from the depths every night. Bat does, however, require
a lot ofcommitment from you so     be warned, it doesn'twork with
 Keywords: Commitment, challenges, renewal, rebirth, com:
munication, intuition, sensitivity, illusion, truth and dreams.
Bear plays a big part in a lot of cultures including Native Amer:
ican and the Celtic tradition, bringing power and protection with
it. Don't ever mess with a mama bearwho is looking after her bae
bies. Bear hibernates in the winter so may bring a quieter energy
during those months, but in spring she brings the magic of new
opportunities and possibilities. Her hibernating cycle allows us
to do a lot of inner work and self refiection, but it also gives us
the ability to know when the time is right and what direction we
need to head off in. She brings not only the energy of the sun,
but also the moon along with heap loads of intuition too. Bear
can   be quick to react and has a bit ofa temper and a tendency to
be a grumpy ole bear at times.
   Keywords: Interactions, inner knowledge, introspection, intu:
ition, dreamtime, renewal, moon and sun magic, opportunities,
fearlessness and protection.

Working like a beaver; he builds, he creates, he achieves every
thing he sets out to do; he understands how to work as a team,
he is persistent and uses whatever he has to hand, and he is a
total damebuildlng genius. Beaver can teach us how to do all of
these things and more, appreciating the talents of every indi:
vidual and working together in harmony. He has grand ideas, but
probably not very grand materials,      so he works it all out   and
does the very best job that he can.The houses that beaver builds
are strongand secure, built with very good foundations, some
thing we could all do with in our lives... the strong foundations
not beaver houses that is...
   Keywords: Creativity, building, teamwork, persistence, appre:
ciation, harmony, doing the best we can, strength, security and
good foundations.
Without these little critters whizzing about in their stripy [mamas
we would have no food... they are incredibly important. They are
a   representation of birth, death and rebirth and have been wore
shipped and honoured in many cultures for thousands ofyears.
Often mentioned in myths and folklore is the beliefthat bees are
the souls ofthose that were worthy to come back to earth.
    Bees should also be told all the local gossip especially

regarding births, deaths and wedding plans... they need to know
this stuff. Bees remind us to take the good stufffrom life and to
literally make hay (or honey) while the sun shines. Bee tells us to
follow our dreams, but also with a reminder to plan and save for
the future too.
   Keywords: Prosperity, good fortune, communication, gossip,
reincarnation, goals, celebration, community, achieving your
dreams, productivity, cooperation and focus.
Beetles come in all shapes and sizes (like humans really) and
bring transformation, metamorphosis and rebirth of ideas,
thoughts, spirituality and complete lives. Beetles work in hare
mony with their surroundings and can teach us to do the same,
throwing in the ability to use our intuition too. Beetles are also
persistent and strong.
  Keywords:Transformation, rebirth, spirituality, harmony, intue
ition, strength and persistence.
The blackbird sings a very sweet song and it is for this that it is
probably most well known in myths and folklore. The song can
expand   our consciousness, heal us   and take us on spiritual and
magical )ourneys.   Blackbird has often been seen as a gatekeeper

to the Otherworld and realms of Eaerie. The blackbird has also
long been associated with the blacksmith and blacksmith gods
who carry their own very special type of magic as the masters of
all four elements.
  Keywords: Song, communication, healing, spirituality, Other:
world, Eaerie, elemental magic, meditation and potential.
Gorgeous noble creature, the boar has been a symbol ofwarriors
for centuries and features in many battle tales and legends. He is
full of masculine energy and brings bravery, balance and
strength. Boars are fierce when challenged    or when   they feel the
need to protect themselves or their young. Boar asks you to have
faith in your own abilities and to stand up and be counted, mov:
ing onwards and upwards putting yourfears behind you. Its poor
eyesight, but excellent sense of smell and hearing, reminds us to
look at everything properly, examining all the details and looking
beyond the obvious. Boar will help you to transform, to look
wlthin and become the person you Wish to be.
   Keywords: Self reliance, protection, warrior strength, spirl:
tuality, fierceness, nobility, strategy, personal power, rebirth, of:
ganisation, leadership, masculine energy, truth and transfor:

The butterfly has to be one of the creatures most associated with
transformation and change as it emerges from a cocoon, having
changed from a caterpillar to a beautiful winged creature. )ust
watching a butterfly flit about the garden brings joy and a sense
offreedom and happiness. Their bizarre multifaceted eyes allow
them to see images incredibly clearly and they can pick up on
ultraviolet wavelengths of light so they have the magic of psychic
abilities pretty much built in. Look at the butterfly and how it
transforms, then watch as it makes the most of life by sur:
rounding itselfwith colour and nature.
   Keywords: Transformation, psychic abilities, changes, beauty,
nature, learning, renewal, understanding, happiness and inspl:
Those with a cat at home will know that they are gods and
should be worshipped and pampered in every way shape and
form... Cat definitely brings elegance, independence and intuition
and I think it has a definite feminine energy. She is also full of
mystery, wisdom and understanding (definitely ofhow to annoy
humans), but she also brings healing and balance and obvi:
ously curiosity (which apparently killed the cat). Cat also comes
With definite psychic abilities and always spirituality.

  Keywords: independence, healing, curiosity, mystery, psychic
abilities, elegance, intuition, mystery, wisdom, understanding
and balance.
Half horse, half man resulting in a combination of man and
beaste hopefully the best parts ofeach...
     Definitely connected to the starry sky above they can help with
a   link to astrology or astronomy. The most famous centaur is
possibly the symbol ofSagittarius with his bow and arrows. The
centaur brings music, healing and knowledge ofalchemy. He has
a quiver full ofinspiration for the arts along with the magical
properties of honour and valour. Our valiant beastie also brings
help in dealing with the balance of emotions and knowing what
desires are good or bad for you.
    Keywords: Healing, music, inspiration, creativity, honour,
emotions and desires.
chicken  all about fertility with a bit of sacrifice thrown in for
good measure. The fertility comes from their eggrlaying ability
and the sacrifice bit from... well... being a sacrificial animal of
choice throughout history. She does bring With her the essence
of motherhood, nurturing, domestic bliss, being broody and

fussing about. chicken is in tune with the earth and heralds
prosperity, rebirth and renewal.
  Keywords: Eertility, sacrifice, rebirth, motherhood, nurturing,
abundance, comfort, broodiness and fussing.
The cockerel carries a slightly different magic from the chicken...
The cockerel is often linked to the Underworld and is a guardian,
but is also another one for sacrifice. Cockerel is said to not only
predict the weather, but also to use his power ofpsychic abilities
to warn of   impending danger. This feathered fowl likes to strut
his funky stuff, he   is   all about sexuality and fertilisation, after all
he usually has an entire hen house of chickens to          seniice...   With
his early rising and crowing about the sun rising he is also linked
to renewal and rebirth. The cockerel (or rooster) also appears in
the Chinese zodiac and brings humour, eccentricity and enthu:
  Keywords: Sexuality, psychic abilities, sacrifice, fertility, re:
newal, humour, eccentricity and enthusiasm.
A whole load ofbull... or cow...
   Both are very symbolic of fertility although the cow obviously
brings mothering instincts into play as well. The bull is very

masculine and embodies the solar energy ofthe sun whereas the
cow is feminine    personified and signifies the energy of the
moon; they    make a nice balance. The bull is also the symbol of
the zodiac sign Taurus, which is an earth sign and I think both
the cow and the bull have earthy connections. These are both all
about being productive, starting new projects or feeling stubborn
or even insecure.
  Keywords: Eertility, motherhood, sun and moon magic, stub:
bornness, insecurity, productive, earth magic, stability, aggres:
sion,   defence, contentment and strength.
The good ole croc can see incredibly well, which has led to its as:
sociation with clarity and clear thought. Although it has often
been linked to a destructive kind of power, it can show us great
knowledge and how the cycle of life, death and rebirth works.
They are a primordial force that has connections to the land and
the water. Their main role is that of water guardians, defending
and keeping the secret mysteries of the deep. Crocodiles shed
tears, not real ones, but just to lubricate their eyes (apparently)
and this could be a sign that we aren’t showmg or acknowl:
  Keywords: Clarity, truth, visions, cycle of life, rebirth,   emo:
tions, mysteries and secrets.

This is one very powerful animal spirit guide and a clever whatsit
as well. Crow  brings wisdom, knowledge and magic from every
dimension and helps us to learn to trust our own intuition. He is
also mindful, not just ofour own self, but also in judging others
actions and words. Crow     is
                                 very much an eccentric individual
and he encourages that in those he chooses to walk with. Crow
also brings change, creation, spiritual strength and the ability to
see into the past and the future. He is a bit ofa cheeky sly one
though and deception is not beneath him. In fact sometimes he
revels in it. He does teach us to adapt, to look beyond the 0(le
nary and to listen to what is going on around us.
  Keywords: Mindfulness, truth, trust, intuition, integrity, indie
viduality, change, past/present/future, spiritual strength, magic,
Wisdom, deception and awareness.
Beautiful elegant and graceful creatures, both the stag and the
deer are royalty within the woods and are sacred          many cuI:
tures. A white hart is often     depicted   as a messenger from the
Otherworld that can guide you on your spiritual quest. Stag is a
creature ofthe hunt with strength, courage and power. Both like
to graze   during dawn and dusk and these       are in   between times
when the veil between ourworld and the Otherworld          is hazy.

   Keywords: Grace, reaching your goals, alertness, hunt, intu:
ition, listening, transformation, observation, decisions, Other
world, spirituality, messages, gentleness, innocence and adven:
A dog animal spirit guide is for life, not just for Yule... definitely
man   (or woman’s) best friend and so jam packed with loyalty
you couldn’t fit in another wet slobbery lick. Dog is devoted, but
also a protector, a companion, faithful and hardworking. Dog is
also good with communication, especially ifhe needs a walk... he
can also  provide healing and support. The ‘black dog’ is a crea:
ture that foretells impending doom and also a term used for de:
pression so this dark side ofdog can also be a warning system.
  Keywords: Loyalty, devotion, protection, companion, faithful,
hard work, communication, healing, support and warning.
it might be a mammal, but it lives in the sea. Dolphins were
often thought to be an indication that storms were coming and
sailors believed that dolphins charmed the winds. They are in:
credibly intelligent and also very playful, enjoying life on the
ocean waves, but theyalso bring healing and balance.
   Keywords: Wisdom, playfulness, healing, balance, freedom,

change, communication, trust, harmony, emotions and water
Donkeys are eager and versatile workers that have served human
kind for thousands ofyears. They take on huge burdens and re:
sponsibilities generally without complaint although they can be
‘stubborn as a mule’. Donkey could indicate that you are always
Willing to help others, but maybe that you need to make sure you
don’t take on too much, you also have to look after yourself, you
can always say no. lfa donkey feels uncomfortable about a situe
ation he won’t carry on, not because he is stubborn as sug:
gested, but because his intuition is sending a warning; this is
also a reminder to us etrust your intuition and know your limitae
tions and boundaries.
   Keywords: Versatility, burdens, responsibi ies, helping oth
ers, look after yourself, intuition, stubbornness and limitations.
Phewy this    a huge section and needs an entire book to itself.
However, if dragon has come to you then it will probably be a
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