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particular energy beside you

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245-Rachel-Patterson-Animal-Magic- Pagan-Portals

particular energy beside you.
  The best way to find out if it is your spirit animal guide is to
ask it... pay attention to the reply and listen very carefully to what
it has to say. It may not speak at all, it might just give you a sign
instead, but it will hopefully be a clear one that makes perfect
sense to you.
  Once you have met your animal continue the beat while cons
centrating on the energy ofthe animal, feel its strength.

  When you are ready thank the animal and gradually slow the
beat to a stop. Don’t forget to ground yourself afterwards, per;
haps by having somethingto eatand drink.
ifworking in ritual   is          thing then you can design one
                           more your
with the intent of meeting your animal spirit guide. Create an
altar with representations of different animals on or any other
items you feel drawn to place on it, whether it is candles, crystals
or natural things such as tWigs   and leaves, to make a connection
wlti’! nature,
   Cast your circle perhaps using a chant that invokes basic anis
mal energy maybe even include some drumming. Something
  i cast this circle roundand round
  To call upon my animal spirit guide to befound
  This circle brings protection in
  And protection roundabout
OK, I am not a poet, but you get the idea,
  Call in the quarters and with this you could call upon animals
that represent each element. (See the chapter on animals in ritual
for more details). if you want to invite deity to join you then

maybe pick gods and goddesses that are associated with anis
mals. Place an offering on your altarand call to youranimal spirit
guide, Sit quietly or drum so that you enter a meditative state
where hopefully you will meet your animal guide. Don't forget to
thank your guide and deity afterwards and release the quarters.
                   A journey or Over the Hedge
As a Hedge Witch when |go on a journey I ‘l'iedge ride’, which is
very similar to the shamanic journeying that is also sometimes
referred to as pathworking or vision questing, it is an ideal exers
cise to bring healing and work with my inner self. i always have a
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