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particular animal would orten become the group totem because

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particular animal would orten become the group totem because
ofan event or particular moment in the past ofthe tribe.
  individual totemism is the relationship between a person and
a particular animal they believe can grant them special power.
This type   or totemism   is often connected with group leaders,
chiefs, medicine men or shamans.
Animism is ‘the attribution ora living soul to plants, inanimate
objects, and natural phenomena'. The word anirnism is derived
from the Latin word ‘ariima', which means ‘breatll’ or ‘soul', it is
the belief that a soul or spirit exists   in
                                               every   obiect whether it is
an animal, plant or rock.
                    So What Term Do |Use?
When liirst started working with animals and their magic l used
the name totem purely because it was the most common term,
but I have to admit it never really sat quite right With me. l am a
Witch, one that works with the old ways, so actually retch seems
to suit me much more but... this is your iourney not mine sol
would say go with whatever term you find more comfortable and
in tact your animal may even be able to guide you With the right
name for you to use. Trust your intuition, trust your animal           ads
vice. For the purpose orthis book and to use a ‘gerleral’ term |
Will work with the phrase ‘ariimal spirit guide’.

                  What is Animal Magic?
Animal magic is the art or recognising and working with ramiliars
and animal spirit guides. Animal magic shows you how to work
With animals for your spiritual growth and increased magical
power. Not only will an animal spirit guide give you support, wise
dam and guidance, you can also draw on the power or animals
to use in spell working. Mother Nature has so much to share
With us through her many guises whether it             is   through plants,
trees and herbs, the weather or via her animal          kingdom all we
have to do is watch and listen, Each animal will have its own very
unique characteristics, personalities and traits, but it will also
have particular habitats, how it feeds, what it eats and how it raise
es its young, all or these things are important and can tell us
something. By looking into    an animal in all        aspects and under
standing how it fits   into the scale   ofthings   e
                                                      and by that I mean
into the world and the eco system as a whole we can begin to
understand more about the magic that an animal spirit guide can
provide us with. They          be a reflection of our own selves
                        can also
or the events that are happening Within our lives.
  Our ancestors were far more connected with nature than we
seem to be today and they understood the importance of work
ing together with the plant and animal kingdoms; they worked in
harmony with the cycles orthe seasons and the ebb and flow or

nature's rhythms. Priests, shamans and medicine men would
wear the skins of animals and animal masks to invoke their en
ergy and  bring the power and magic of nature into belrlg, Not
that i am suggesting you throw on your leopard skin rug when
you pop out to the shops, but by just being more aware of the
animals and birds around you can bring about such an increds
  Working with animal magic can help you find your lifelong
spirit guide and all that they have to offer in the form ofwisdom,
insight, guidance and support. Your guide can also help you
understand your own true nature. Often the spirit guide that
finds you is a reflection of your inner soul. Animal magic can
also help you deal with the big ole outside world ifyou fancy a
bit ofsl’iapesshifting to take on the traits ofa particular animal.
And it can help add extra energy and power to your spell working.
  Never dismiss an animal guide if it comes to you. Not every
one will have tigers, lions or wolves, some will work very   happily
With an ant or a sparrow each one has energies and messages
that are right for you. Hey... I have a pigeon for goodness sake!
Don’t forget that the animal chooses the person... not the other
way round.

Let us start with animals that are not generally from the spirit
world, but usually real flesh and blood...
  Eamiliars are not simply the stereotypical witch’s cat, although
they     be cats... and they can be black, Eamiliars make excel
lent companions; they can warn you of danger, provide healing
energy (physically and emotionally), and love you uncondls
tionally. lfyou work magic, familiars can aid in augmenting your
results with their magical and mystical powers. A familiar is a
magical working companion, a creature that lends its energies to
your for protection, meditational guidance, inspiration and spell
casting and can provide you with a better understanding and
communication with a particular Species,
  You can use familiars in meditations and magic; uncover
superstitions about them, and draw associations with ancient
deities. Learn to identify familiars with the descriptions of physs
ical characteristics and magical attributes, Use chants to invoke
an animal’s greatest naturalattribute. You can discover a new
source of strength, wisdom and friendship in your familiar, Your
familiar is your faithful friend who supports you in your magical
workings. It may be a cat, dog, snake, bird or   in fact   anything that
helps you.
   Determining who or what is going to be your familiar can be
one of the most difficult tasks we can face as the fur/firi/Scale/
feathered ones aren't always forthcoming or eager to help. Cats

in particular do have a tendency to knock everything off an altar
as soon as you have set it up.,. Remember that every animal has
free will and not every animal is destined or may want to be your
familiar. Just like any living being, you must ask permission and
honour the answer. It is never good to rush into the decision and
your familiar may end up being something you never expected. A
familiar is often your pet, but can be any animal that hangs
around when you are doing your magical workings.
   It is best to just be patient and to )ust wait and watch carefully.
When you are doing your workings, if your pet or a certain anis
mal seems to have a habit of hanging around at the same place
at the same time almost every time, you most      probably have a llls
tle familiar.
  Also remember that it is OK not to have a familiar too.       I have
been a witch for many, many years and although I have a whole
menagerie ofspirit animal guides, l don’t have afamiliar.
                Mundane and Magical communication
Animals communicate by body language and by voice tones. Hus
mans have a hard time     understanding what animals     mean when
they don’t understand what the inflection ofa raised tail or an ear
twitch is. Mundane communication does not mean binders
standing words, but rather the inflections of the sounds. For
example, if you come home and have had a bad day and your

dog has had an accident on the fioor, you may think he’s acting
guilty, but animals apparently do not feel guilt although to be fair
some of them do look really guilty! Your dog is reacting to your
body language and voice. it scares him so he tries to make you
feel better       his actions and mannerisms have nothing to do with
the accident. However, I am not an animal behaViour expert so
maybe they do understand to a certain extent but... remember
that they aren't necessarily on the same wavelength as us.
  Learning the body languages of the different species will tell
you volumes, You have to separate your human side and not
think like a human. Dogs are not humans, nor are cats or fish
(although some of them act like it). Each creature has its own
mundane language.
   Magical communication will go beyond the boundaries ofthe
mundane and can even seem like a psychic connection, Eor
example, if you think of your pet by name and your pet comes
trotting up to you, they can feel your loving energy and want to
be near you. Your pet will be naturally drawn to your particular
energy especially ifit is positive and loving.
   l have given      some information   about the two main animals
that are usually found as familiars; the cat and the dog. Many
other animals make great familiars as well such as snakes, spis
ders, rabbits and birds.

     These are general ideas and descriptions. Remember that all
animals have free will and each individual animal will have dife
ferent actions they perform    in   order to communicate with us.
in general, purring is a sign ofhappiness and contentment, but it
can also   be an indication of pain or fear, so listen carefully to the
tone ofthe purr and keep your eyes open for any signs ofillness
or   in)ury. As we stroke our cats we are unconsciously imitating
the action ofa mother cat licking her kittens. As a result, the cat
will often respond with kitten behaviour, such as kneading With
his front paws (ouchy) as he used to knead his mother’s tummy
to stimulate the milk flow.
     A nosestosrlose greeting from your cat is a sign that he trusts
you completely. it is also a way for him to detect where you have
been since he was last in contact with you (they can tell, there is
no    hiding it). Another sign of trust is turning   on his   back and
allowing you to tickle his tummy,
 The movement ofa cat’s tail is a good way of detecting his
mood. Gentle swaying or flicking the end of the tail indicates a
happy, sociable cat. However, ifthe whole ofthe tail flicks rapid
ly from side to side, your cat is not happy and may Wish to be left
alone. Holding the tail up stifrly in the air and fiuffing it out is a
sign ofaggression and sometimes fear, while a tail tucked out of

sight   as the cat crouches to the floor and flattens his ears      is   an
unquestionable sign      offear,
   As solitary hunters, cats are very territorial and will fight quite
viciously to protect their patch, Leaving scent messages is a way
of marking out the boundaries and staking a claim to areas, obs
iects or even people. With scent glands at various points on their
body, including the top oftheir head, cats will rub against people
and objects around them to leave their scent and make their
property known... that’s mine, this is       mine,   that's mine, this is
mine too...
  If a cat   is   unsure of   something or   someone his instinct   is   to
get up to a higher         also think that ifthey can't see you
                       level, Cats
then you can't see them (they are rubbish at playing hide and
seek). Perhaps the most effective way to communicate with a cat
is through eye contact. Never stare at a cat, )ust catch his eye,
blink once and then look away. This is a nonsthreaterling come
munication and will invite friendship and trust.
Carefully observing a pet dog can give us a glimpse into their
wlld, untamed and wolfside oftheir nature. By understanding car
nine thinking we can develop a much closer relationship between
man   (or woman) and dog, creating more of a pack dynamic
rather than a master/slave kinda thing.

 Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals and in the wild they will re
main within their family pack for most of their entire lives, Within
the pack each animal has its own place and knows its own role.
There is a strict hierarchy and feeding routine.
  To our pet dogs we are the rest of their pack and their place
within that pack is determined by our behaviour towards them,
When I was a child we had a Springer spaniel dog who believed it
was much  higher up in the pack order than my younger brother;
the dog would behave for my parents and myself, but would ig
nore any instructions from my brother because it believed he
was beneath him. He found it very frustratingl Wolves hunt for
their food and the success ofthe hunt depends on cooperation
and teamwork Within the pack. it is much easier for pet dogs, as
theirfood is handed to them in a bowl on a regular schedule.
  The key to a healthy and rewarding relationship with your dog
is to understand pack life and how it works. Most importantly,
your dog has to see you as the alpha within the pack; you need to
be the top dog (pun intended), Once that role is established your
dog should behave well and can be taken anywhere without any
issues. Never hit a dog as punishment, they don't understand
violence as a punishment and in some cases may even turn on
you and I wouldn't blame them. Banishing a dog temporarily
from the pack by sending him to another room for a short while

is far more productive, a bit like having a dog naughty step, Dogs
are uncomfortable with being banished; a wolfthat is sent away
from the pack in the Wild has a good chance of dying of stars
vation or being killed by another pack. Dogs remember this kind
of imprint. When he returns from solitary don’t pay him any
attention for a while, this is how a mother dog would treat an un
mly PUPPY-
  Rolling over on to their back is a sign of submission in dogs
and an indication that they view you as a higher member of the
pack, By the   same token   dogs who    are   snappish With children
view   them as lower pack members   e
                                      they think ofthem as pups
pies who need to be put in their place by older dogs.
  Begging for food from the table is another indication that your
dog sees you as a higher pack member and he Will wait patiently
With his eyes fixed on you until he discovers whether or not you
have left him any scraps. This is classic pack behaviour and
                    feeding hierarchy that wolves have. I have
stems from the strict
never   done this with any of our pet dogs, I don’t like them beg
ging at  the table and they have always been taught to lie binders
neath the table when we eat, but that is a personal decision.
  When a dog licks your face it is harking back to puppy behave
iour as wolfpuppies will lick the muzzle ofa parent or older wolf
to   persuade them to regurgitate food   e
                                             you   probably don't need

to go quite that far...This also explains why domestic dogs have
 been known to eat vomit.,.ewww. To the dog, however, this is
just another way ofexhibiting natural pack behaviour.
                         Animal spirit Guides
And now to theworld ofanimal spirits...
  Animal spirit guides are those animals that you have had an
affinity for or have seemed to have walked with you for a very
long period of time. They may have walked With you for many
lifetimes, many years or )ust have recently came into focus as
you have had need ofthem. Your spirit guide animal need not be
limited to animals on this planet at this time, as mythical creas
tures and extinct ones are useful guides too,
  There are several types of animal spirit guides that you may
encounter, these are the main ones:
  Lifelong: This is the animal spirit guide that you will have
  throughout your entire life. It may appear to you at any time
  during your life span, but once it is With you it will stay for the
  rest ofyour existence. This animal may be one you have had
  an   affinity with   or have appeared at various   points. This crear
  ture may have in fact been with you for many lifetimes,
  [oumey:This animal walks with you for a length of time, which
  could be weeks or years or any period of time within. it is a

guide that keeps you on your pathway. These animals can
come around quickly as you need their help during certain
times in your life and then leave )ust as quickly. They may
linger as long as the blink of an eye or for many months.
These usually appear when you have a )oblrrley to start and will
stay with you until that particular life experience is completed.
Message:This animal sporadically    iust pops into your life on a
momenlsbyrmomerlt basis. It may show up one day as a ‘wait
a minute' moment, to let you know something is going on,
Take note ofthe animal and what message it is trying to impart
to you.
shadow: This     your side that you may fear the most. Once
you conquer  the  fear of this animal it becomes one of your
greatest strengths. This spirit guide reflects the part within
yourself that you are least confident about or the bit of your
personality you dislike the most.
Purpose: This  guide will show up for particular events, rituals
or )ourneys. l have a black panther animal spirit guide that
only comes to me when I am hedge riding ()ourneying) to the
underworld. My wild boar guide refuses to travel to the binders
world so the panther arrives to accompany me instead. The
same happens with my frog spirit guide, he is only With me
when i am drumming.

                          Animal Medicine
By observing animals in natural surroundings and their assoc
ciated behaviours, we begin to get glimpses of each creature's
medicine. This understanding in turn helps us to connect with
the animal spirit, honour it and utilise the magic within our own
lives and spell work.
  Our spirit animal and its medicine can help us in various
  . It can give the strength, energy and enthusiasm to face up to
      difficult situations or challenges in your life.
  .   it can shed some light on an important decision you may
      have to make.
  . it can offer ideas for a particular project and find solutions
      for Situations that Seem unclear,
      It can help to access your inner strengths.
  .lt can help to overcome your fears.
  .lt can unleash your hidden potential and true qualities.
  .lt can build up your resistance to illness.
  .lt can speed up the healing process when you are ill.
  . it can help you to discover important information in special
  .lt can helpyou find lost obiects.
  .lt can keep you out of harm and help you avoid dangerous or

      lifethreatening situations.
       it can help protect you from physical, mental or emotional
  .lt can comfort you when thethings are tough.
  .lt can helpyou to improve your relationships.
  .lt can help you to develop your selfconfidence.
  .lt can guide your spiritual )ourney.
                 The Roles ofa Spirit Animal Guide
Counsellor and Messenger: in this role your spirit animal helps
you to understand situations and offers answers and guidance, it
can give you   options to help with decisions or choices. Your anis
mal spirit guide can give an indication ofwhich pathway should
be taken and what behaviourto adopt.
Protector: In this role your spirit animal   guide   can   lend you the
strength, courage and energy to face anything that is thrown at
you, it can also warn when danger is approaching or when a situs
ation is about to turn sour. Each animal will react differently to
scenarios so it is important to listen very carefully to what they
are   trying to tell you, Different animals will have specific reacs
tions to danger,
Teacher: Your animal spirit guide can be a great teacher and
show you how to use your own energy and inner spirit to its full

potential throughout your life. The animals that appear regularly
can give us important messages and they will continue to appear
until we have learnt and acted upon the lesson.
Healer:Animal spirit guides are excellent healers and can show
us not only how to heal our own emotional,      physical and Spire
itual ailments, but also how to heal others. Your animal spirit
guide will lend you healing energy, it can also show you the best
treatment or technique to use and help speed up the healing
Guide: Your animal spirit guide is all the above roles in one neat
package. Your lifelong guide will be all ofthese things and more.
Once you have found your   guide your life will change forever, for
the better, and you wlll wonder how you ever got along without

      Meditation:and Spells to FindFamiliar:and
                Animal Spirit Guides
There are many ways in which you can meet your spirit animal. in
general we have a main spirit animal that stays with us through
out our lives. Sometimes another spirit animal will appear de
pending on the lessons we need to take on board at different
times in our lives, it is also possible for other animal messens
gers or allies to appear to help us with a particular task, With a
measure ofmeditation   and observation, when we are listening to
our intuition we can start to recognise our spirit animal and our
other animal allies.
  Techniques include meditations, dreams, dancing, drumming,
spells or just being particularly drawn to one animal or seeing
images ofit in everyday life.
  Have you always been fascinated by a particular animal or has
a   specific animal appeared continuously in your life? Do you   see
any animals on a regular basis whether it is on the walk or drive
to work or even on the television? And ofcourse... are you fright
ened ofany animals.> Sometimes the animal we fear is the one
we can learn the most from, this would      be your shadow animal
    Given below are some    exercises   to help you determine your
own main    personal spirit animal.

           The Animal to Which You Feel Most Drawn
Is there an animal to which you have always been drawn? Do you
collect miniatures, ornaments or cuddly toy versions ofa specific
animal?Was there an animal that you particularly liked when you
were a   child, the thought of which still draws you? Do you live
wltl’l a cat, a dog, snake or a horse to which you have a deep at
tachment? Has a close relative or good friend mentioned a spe
cific type ofanimal; does this animal frequently cross your path?
Is there an animal that keeps showmg up at difficult times in
your life? Or is there an animal that )ust seems to hang around
  You may already have made a connection with your animal
spirit guide, but not be consciously aware ofit. it may be working
its magic and making a link with you in preparation for you disc
covering it!
  if you are scared of a particular animal and you are able to
overcome these fears you Wlll then have an excellent connection
wltl’l it. if you have been bitten by an animal the Native Amer?
icans would say that it is testing you to discover your strength
and that you are probably already in possession of its medicine,
bit ofan extreme method though!
  in order to discover our spirit animal it is really important to
stay open and to observe the animals that appear in our lives. Bill
boards, Tv shows, newspaper articles, labels on cartons signs
could be anywhere...

Any meetings with animals in dreams should be taken as seris
ously as any unexpected encounter in our daystorday lives, Your
spirit animal can easily appear to you in a dream; we have no
geographical limits and can meet up with an animal whom we
wouldn't ordinarily meet. My own animal guides are all fairly
‘every day' and the birds in particular arrive in my garden (the
wlld boar is a bit more elusive), but I have worked wltl’l other
more exotic animals. A  distinguishing mark ofa spirit animal is
the fact that it appears with unfailing regularity. One of the
advantages to discovering your spirit animal in a dream is that
it's easier to discover its qualities and its medicine by declr
phering and reflecting on the circumstances and the way it ap
peared to you in your dream.
  This method usually works very well for me:
  Before you go to sleep, hold a glass ofurater between your hands,
  charging the water and asking your spirit animal to appear in your
  dreams. Drink the waterjust before settling down to sleep, telling
  younefthat you will remember the dream where your spirit ani
  mal appears.
    teaue a notepad and pen by the bed so that you can write
  down what happened in your dream upon waking, before youfars
  get it!

  observing Auras and Behaviours ofyour Animal spirit Guide
When a spirit animal is close to someone their energies can mine
gle together. The person will tend to take on the qualities, the
movements and even the behaviour ofthat particular animal; not
literally they don’t start digging holes in the door or roaring
thankfully  these signs are subtle. When we are speaking we
often use analogies with particular animals in mind, for exams
ple; beavering away, busy as a bee, slinky like a cat, proud as a
peacock, fierce as a lion, stubborn as a mule, strong as an ox, sly
as a fox and quiet and timid as a mouse, to name but a few. We
often refer to people's qualities and relate them to animal at
tributes. for instance someone may have feline grace, be bearlike
or birdlike and twitchy, have hawk eyes or puppy dog eyes. Some
people even start to walk like their spirit animals, striding, skip
ping, prancing, shuffling, hesitating or sneaking along silently... l
have tried flying, it doesn't work...
   By being aware of how we move around and how we act, we
can often work out which is our spirit animal. Now and then a
person’s aura will take on the form of his or her animal, This
aura can extend all around the person and it is sometimes

possible to    see an animal   taking shape. You      looking at
                                                   can try
your own aura in a mirror. ifyou focus your eyes on a point iust
beyond your head and bring your peripheral vision forward
allowing your eyesight to unfocus you       can sometimes see your
aura extending outward from your physical body. ifyou are lucky
your spirit animal guide may also appear. Ask your friends and
family for their observations on how you move and behave or if
they perceive any particular animal traits that you might have.
Meditation is an excellent tool enabling you to meet an animal
spirit guide and is my personal favourite method. it allows you to
                          guides, but also to obtain messages
meet not only spirit animal
and snippets ofwisdom. You might meet different animals along
the way or it may lead you to your lifelong guide; be open to
whatever comes your way.
  This is a meditation that will hopefully enable you to discover
your animal guide or messenger:
  Make yourself     comfortable   in a place where you won’t be
    Close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing, deep
  breaths in and deep breaths out...
       As your world around you dissipates you find yoursefstandi‘ng

on a dirt track crossroads in the middle ofaforest.
  The pathway ahead of you leads further into the forest and         is
darker andfull ofdense lushfoliage, it is not scary or frightening
  You turn and look at the pathway to yourieft, this one seems to
widen out and looks like it leads down to the ocean ara large lake
because you can see the glint afblue waters   in the   distance.
  You turn again and the pathway behind you appears to lead
out oftheforest and upwards into a mountain range, the pathway
looks clearand easy to follow as it winds up the side ofa hill.
  And to your right the forest clears to show a pathway leading
onto dry desert sand withjust a few rocks scattered around,
   Which pathway are you drawn to take? Perhaps you would like
to investigate all ofthem in turn?
  Take your time and walk slowly down the first pathway that
you are drawn to, Once there, sit down and wait, what can you
see? What can you hear? What can you smell? Take a while to        ex;
piore your surroundings.
   Then see what animal, beast or bird greets you. Spend some
time with it andfind out what it would like to help you with.
   You may only wish to walk one pathway. lfso, once you arefine
ished thank the animal and make your way back to the centre of
the crossroads and Came back to this reality.

     ifyou want to explore more come back to the centre        of the
  crossroads and take a dqferent pathway...
     Once you are ready, again come back to the centre.
     When you are finished completely, slowly bring yamrselfback to
  this reality, opening your eyes and wriggling your fingers and toes.
You can come back to this meditation spot any time or as many
times as you want to or feel the need to,
ifworking magic is your thing then you can create a spell to find
your animal spirit guide, How you do it is up to you use your
intuition to see what you can come up with, but here are some
suggestions to get you started:
   Light a candle and watch the name burn. As it does so, ask
       loud what animal is     spirit guide keep watching the
      flame and see what images appear. This would also work
      with flames from a fire.
  -   Scrying put some water into a bowl that has a dark interior,
      drop a silver coin into the bottom and ask what animal your
      spirit guide is... watch the surface of the water for any ims
  .   Write your petition on a slip of paper, asking what your

    animal spirit guide is and light it from a candle flame. Allow
    it to burn safely then throw the ashes to the winds, bury them
   in the earth or drop them into runningwater, Keep an eye on
   your dreams or signs around you over the next few days.
   if you like to work wltl’l the power of the moon then stand
            during full          and ask her for guidance to find
                      a        moon
   your animal spirit  guide. keep an eye on your dreams or
    signs around you over the next few days.
    lfyou prefer to work with the sun then you could write your
                            perhaps just the words ‘anlmal guide’, and
              on a leaf,
    leave it out   in the   full sun to dry and again watch for animals
    in your dreams or signs and symbols as you go about your
    daily routine.
                   DancingwithYour SpiritAnimal
Dancing is a fun and energetic way to make contact with the aims
mal spirit world and is easyspeasy to do, especially ifyou have a
drum or a rattle to use, ifyou don’t you can clap your hands or
click your fingers instead. Although a drum could be as simple
as an old biscuit tin that you beat with your hand,
   Start by creating a beat with your rattle, drum or hands, keep
the beat quite quick.
  Turn to the four directions in turn and call to the animals that
correspond to them.

    Start with the east and call to the animals ofthe element ofair
    the birds and the winged allies ofyour choice       the eagle, the
owl and the dove.
    Then turn to the south and call to the animals vibrating with
the element offire such as the snake, the lizard and the phoenix.
  Turn to the direction of tile west and Call to tile water animals
such as the dolphin, the whale and the salmon.
  Einally, turn to face the north and call to the animals from the
earth element the bear, the deer and the horse.
    Once you have gone through the list of animals of the four
directions, get down on the ground, all the time keeping a beat,
and call to the spirits ofthe land and below.
  Then stand on the tips of your toes, look up toward the sky,
and call the spirits ofthe skies and above.
  Carry on beating out the rhythm and start to dance. Let your
body be filled with the energy that comes in. Let yourself go and
dance even ifthe movements seem strange; it is Ok, no one is
watching you! Be free, be inspired, and be wild! invite the spirits
ofthe animals to join you and ask your spirit animal to direct the
movements ofyour body. After a while you may feel the presence
ofa particularanimal and you will have thefeeling that your body
is taking on its qualities, its attitude and its body language,
    Once you have made that animal connection and you really

feel it   is there,   keep the beat going, but talk to the animal.
  When you are ready you can start to slow the beat down and
calm your dancing down gradually until you come to a gentle
stop. Thank the animal for its energy and ground yourself
           invokingYour Spirit Animal With a Rattle or Drum
One ofthe oldest techniques for meeting your spirit animal and
one   used by our ancestors for generations is to work with the
beat ofa drum or a rattle.
   Our ancestors used the rhythm and power ofthe sound of in?
struments to send their deepest wishes to the spirit world. You
can use a drum or a rattle, but any musical instrument would
work well. The important thing is the strength of your intent to
draw an animal to you,
  The technical bit of this is that the rhythm used consists ofa
regular beat (around three beats per second). This regular beat
enables your brainwaves to go from beta to alpha and then theta
ethe waves at which the brain vibrates duringdreams.
   When you allow yourselfto be immersed in the beat it enables
you to drift to a deeper consciousness, something like days
dreaming. it will make it easier for your animal spirit guide to
make a connection.
   Make yourselfcomfortable in a darkened room and light a can
die or ifpossible do this outside around a camp fire (i know that

isn’t always a feasible plan!) You could also burn magical herb
blends or incense to add to the atmosphere.
  Sit down on the floor in front ofthe candle or the fire and start
to beat your drum, shake your rattle, ring your bell (or whatever
instrument you have chosen to use) to a regular beat, failing that
just clap your hands.
  keep your eyes halfclosed and call to your spirit animal, Clear
your mind and be open,"
  Allow the images and sounds of any animals that might ap
pear to float through your mind unhindered. You might get flash?
es of images or you     might get   more   prominent ones, )blst allow
them to flow.
  Continue to create your beat for about 2045 minutes. After
this time, you should hopefully have an idea or a hint ofa partic
ular animal, it may come to you suddenly or you may just feel a
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