Ministerio das obras publicas, infraestruturas, recursos naturais e ambiente

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Training and Capacity Building

Extensive training and capacity building will be conducted along the project to foster the relevant institutions skills and knowledge toin plan, implement, monitor and evaluate environmental and social management aspects , as recommended in the ESMF.

It will be necessary to make sure to reach all target groups and to assess training development. . The “learning by doing” approach will be prioritize.


Monitoring will also be instrumental in ensuring that the objectives set out in the ESMF, the ESIA/ESMP and in the RAP, which has to be prepared as soon as it is confirmed that resettlement is inevitable, are being satisfactorily achieved and corrective actions are taken where discrepancies exist . The Project Implementation Unit (PIU) will have the overall responsibility for coordinating and monitoring the implementation of the ESMF.

Budget Estimate for the Implementation of the Project’s ESMF

The total cost of the preparation and implementation of the ESMF is being estimated at 1% of the total value of the intervention components with ESIA/ESMP and RAP implications, namely: (i) Rehabilitation of the S. Tomé-Guadalupe Road: Civil Works and Project Supervision, which total US$ 22 million. This brings the total budget to implement the ESMF to US$ 220,000 (two hundred twenty thousand US$).

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