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Public participation and grievance redress mechanism

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Public participation and grievance redress mechanism

In line with the STP legislation on citizens’ rights and duties and the environmental and social management as well as in strict adherence to the WB guidelines on the same subject, the project encompasses a comprehensive public participation process with the following main objectives: (i) keep Project- Interested and Affected Parties (PI&APs) informed about key issues and findings of each stage of the project’s development; (ii) gather concerns and interests expressed by various project stakeholders; (iii) obtain contributions/opinions of stakeholders in terms of avoiding/minimizing possible negative impacts and maximizing positive impacts of the project; and (iv) support the social dialogue and identify from , stakeholders’ perceptions and expectations, to contribute to action planning and effective communication in order to minimize the project’s impacts . The process also allows for rethinking the project’s technical aspects.The formulation of this ESMF and the RPF was also characterized by considerable consultation and engagement of project-affected people and other relevant stakeholders. This culminated with a public meeting that took place in S Tome on the 22nd of June 2018.

To address conflicts or complaints that may arise from numerous situations related with the project design and implementaitonthe ESMF and the RPF propose a systematic mechanism to receive and addresse grievances that might raisefrom project-affected people and other stakeholders.

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