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Formulation and Design of Project Components and Interventions

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Formulation and Design of Project Components and Interventions

According to the World Bank guidelines and due to what is initially recognized as moderate magnitude, localized, limited and relatively easy-to-manage impacts, the project was classified as Category B. For simple Category B projects, with moderateenvironmental and social impacts, the preparation of an Environmental and Social Management Plan (EMSP) based on an ESMF may be enough, but in this case, it has also been decided to prepare an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment. The project is assessed as having resettlement implications, hence this ESMF will be accompanied by a Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF), prepared as a stand-alone document.

Based on the ESMF principles, during the project’s implementation, social and environmental revision will be conducted for project’s interventions to ensure that the revision process: (i) identifies which rehabilitation activities are likely to have potential negative environmental and//or social impacts; (ii) determines the level of environmental and social action required, including whether an ESIA//ESMF and RAP are necessary or not; (iii) selects and implements appropriate mitigation measures to address adverse impacts; (iv) incorporates mitigation measures for the components and interventions that can be financed by the Project; (v) facilitates the analysis and approval of rehabilitation proposals; and (vii) provides guidance for the monitoring of environmental and social parameters during the implementation of the project activities to be designed and approved.

In addition, the ESMF includes common environmental and social clauses (ESC), which will be integrated in all tender documents and in the various contracts (contractual clauses) for the design, construction and proper operation of the interventions to be adopted as components of the project. The ESMF will be made public both within the country as well as in the World Bank's Info Shop.

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