Ministerio das obras publicas, infraestruturas, recursos naturais e ambiente

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Occupational Health and Safety

    • Consumption of non-potable water;

    • Injuries and deaths due to manual handling of cargo;

    • Falls and slipups;

    • Falls from height;

    • Flying objects;

    • Injuries and deaths due to the circulation of machinery or vehicles;

    • Dust emission;

    • Exposure to chemicals, hazardous and inflammable objects;

    • Electrical shocks;

    • impacts related to noise and vibrations;

    • Increased incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS;

    • Malaria infection;

    • Road accidents;

    • Risk of destruction of historical-cultural resources;

The positive impacts need to be optimized while the negative require avoidance and adequate mitigation.

ESMF Objectives

Details on road rehabilitation interventions will be determined as soon as feasibility studies and final project design have been completed, and these will in part be based on studies that are still ongoing.

It is the lack of detail about the project at this stage that justifies the formulation of an Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF), which will guide how the preparation of the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and its Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) and possibly the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) will be made.

The ESMF aims to ensure that the set of actions to be carried out are characterized by:

  • Environmental and social screening of proposed interventions including Environmental and Social Assessment (ESA) classification and identification of the type of impact assessment to be undertaken

  • Steps to be taken to prepare an ESIA and ESMP, including an application for approval by the national agency in charge of environmental assessment

  • Institutional arrangements for the implementation of safeguards requirements and measures in the project

  • Capacity building plan targeting key stakeholders in safeguards implementation

  • Monitoring and evaluation plan to track the implementation of environmental and social measures

  • An annual environmental and social audit

  • Compliance mechanisms;

  • And Descriptions of roles, including terms of reference of all the entities that will be involved in project implementation and especially of the components with environmental and social implications.

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