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Component 4: Contingency Emergency Response (US$ 0.00 million, 100 percent IDA)

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Component 4: Contingency Emergency Response (US$ 0.00 million, 100 percent IDA).

This zero-cost component would support preparedness and rapid response to an Eligible Crisis or Emergency, if needed. Following the declaration of a disaster or state of emergency, it allows for reallocation of grant proceeds from other project components under streamlined procurement and disbursement procedures, or a mechanism to channel additional funds, should they become available, resulting from an emergency An Immediate Response Mechanism Coordinating Agency and expenditure management procedures will be defined in an Immediate Response Mechanism Operational Manual, to be prepared separately and approved by the World Bank.

Unallocated: (US$ 2.0 million, IDA financing)

All aspects of project management, i.e. processual and physical, will have to be conducted in accordance with good practices endorsed by the WB and the GSTP. However, Component 2: Rehabilitation of the São Tomé-Guadalupe Road: Civil Works and Project Supervision has the greatest potential to generate significant impacts on the natural and social receiving environment, will be given special attention under this ESMF. The total cost of this component stands at US$ 22 million.

Major Environmental and Social Risks and Stakes in the Project Implementation Area

Due to their location and known design characteristics at this stage, the construction component of the project has the potential of being associated with the following positive and negative environmental and social risks:

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