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Component 1: Institutional strengthening (Estimated Cost: US$ 2.5 million, IDA financing):

  1. This project component will consolidate the road sector institutional set up and improve asset management practices with a focus on climate resilience, including:

  1. Technical and management capacity strengthening of GIME and local communities.

  2. Strengthening the institutional capacity of the road fund and INAE in mobilizing road maintenance financing and improving road asset management system;

  3. Realization of the climate vulnerability assessment for the road network to inform the preparation of maintenance strategy and supporting studies for future transport and coastal protection projects;

  4. This component will include support to implementation of innovative road maintenance and coastal protection interventions. This will consist of financing the piloting of innovative road maintenance and coastal protection interventions based on the findings of the study to identify affordable coastal protection interventions and preparation of a design guidance manual. The piloting of the maintenance and upgrade interventions will be carried out by the GIMEs with technical assistance during the design and supervision of works;

  5. Preparation of a road safety strategy and action plan with implementation of priority actions

  6. Small scale road safety interventions along the entire Sao Tome road network (1,300 km) to identify black spots, design, implement and supervise small-scale road safety interventions to improve road safety.

  7. Preparation of the detailed engineering design, the bidding documents and the safeguards instrument of the road section Guadalupe – Neves (13.7 km)

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