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Palavras-chave:  Acesso Aberto; Produção científica; Promoção da 




Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to discuss and identify some benefits of 

Open access (OA) initiatives in Portugal and Brazil. Open access is a powerful 

tool to promote knowledge and means that any individual user, anywhere, who 

has access to the Internet, may link, read, download, store, print-off, use, and 

data-mine the digital content of a research article published in peer-reviewed 

journals. This article usually has limited copyright and licensing restrictions. OA 

is an idea that might change the publishing landscape to bring benefits to many 

researchers all over the world and to approach them for international 

partnerships. That integration will result in benefits for all the nations. Besides 

many countries have the problem of the lack of visibility of the knowledge 

generated by their researchers. There are a lot of important OA initiatives in 

Brazil and Portugal. These initiatives appear in differentiated development 

stages. It is very important to establish partnerships and to gather efforts inside 

of the country and, also, with other countries to take advantage of the internet 

resources. These issues will certainly lead to the emergence of larger projects

with more visibility, quality and improvement of costs. 

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