Meu chefe é um algoritmo: um novo instrumento de opressão ou mecanismo de libertaçÃO? My boss is an algorithm: a new instrument of oppression or mechanism of liberation?

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Palavras-chave: algoritmos. Plataformas digitais. Reputação online. Tecnologia e trabalho. Uberização.
The article discussed the work done through digital platforms, also known as uberization of work, which has expanded in recent years in a global way. The main objective was to demonstrate the challenges arising from new forms of work in the digital market and whether these represent greater oppression or liberation for the worker. It was also analyzed the figure of algorithms and their impacts, as well as the so-called online reputation, as a new tool for evaluation of the worker. Based on a deductive method, based on a critical analysis of the doctrine and legislation on the matter, the article was structured in two parts. The first focused on the invasion of new technologies, in particular, the algorithms in labor relations, and the second, on the expansion of labor through digital platforms. It was verified that the new modality represents much more instrument of oppression than of liberation for the workers.

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