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Manual do professor
Henrietta Swan Leavitt

1868-1921: As one of the “woman computers” working at Harvard College Observatory, Leavitt cataloged more than 1,500 variable stars in the Magellanic Clouds. She noticed that the brighter stars took longer to vary, and used this observation to develop a method to measure the distance to any object in the universe.


c. XIX.

Avram Noam Chomsky

1928-Present: Best known as the “most cited living scholar” and a controversial left-wing political activist, Chomsky pioneered the theory of transformational grammar which revolutionized the field of theoretical linguistics. He also challenged longstanding behaviorist views of psychology, igniting the cognitive revolution.

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2. Read the text again and identify, in your notebook:

a) Who is a linguist responsible for the cognitivist revolution?

b) Who was responsible for the independence of his country?

c) Who studied distances to stars?

d) Who used a form of non-violent protest?

e) Who started composing when he was a child?

f) Who was an American astronomer?

g) Who died when he was 35 years-old?

h) Who uses his linguistic abilities to defend political ideas?

3. Based on the text, can you decide which type of intelligence these people probably have/had? Answer in your notebook.

a) Henrietta Swan Leavitt

b) Mohandas Gandhi

c) Amadeus Mozart

d) Noam Chomsky

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