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Manual do professor
time TO reflect


In your notebook, use the following phrases to think and write about what you’ve learned so far. You can start with…

Hands: Macrovector/

Heart: Iktash/

… and finish with one of the options below:

… talking about unreal situations.

… contrasting events in the past.

… talking about imaginary situations.

… practicing the aspirated sound /p/.

… creating a poster.

Examples: I liked talking about imaginary situations. I need to get better at creating a poster.

What can I do to learn more?

Manage my time more effectively.

Do more exercises.

Use more multimedia/digital resources (videos, music, apps, clips, podcasts, etc.)

Read more.

Make international friends in social networks.

Read more newspapers and magazines in English.

Chat with my friends in English.

Watch a movie/series with subtitles in English.

Watch some tutorial videos in English.

Ask for help.


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