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Manual do professor
I Do

II Play


A horseback riding, running, fishing, skating, jogging.

B yoga, exercises, Pilates, capoeira, martial arts.

C soccer, the guitar, the drums, video games, volleyball.

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Let’s listen and talk!

Before you listen…

a) What do you know about yoga?

b) Can you think of some benefits of this practice?

ÁUDIO 13 1. Listen to a person talking about yoga. I. What is the role of the speaker? Write the answer in your notebook.

a) A reporter.

b) A person who does yoga.

c) An expert in yoga.

II. What is the main idea of this oral text? Write it down in your notebook.

a) To talk about the benefits of yoga.

b) To teach some yoga exercises.

2. What is the number one advantage of doing yoga? Use your notebook to answer.

a) You realize your full potential.

b) You allow for greater circulation.

c) You get physically stronger.

3. What does the text also emphasize that becoming happy involves? Write the answer in your notebook.

a) An attitude regarding compassion.

b) A desire for connection and fulfillment.

c) A process of getting physically stronger.

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