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Manual do professor

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1. Look at the words of the song “Eat It.” In your notebook, write down the correct combination of numbers– letters to complete the missing words, paying attention to the rhyme.

A lunch

B cold

C Japan

D blame

E plate

F back

ÁUDIO 12 2. Listen to the song and write in your notebook words or expressions for:

a) dishes

b) dish at the end of a meal

c) cooking-related words

d) someone who does not like many kinds of food

3. What similarities do you find in the original song and the parody Eat it”?

4. What’s the main element of a parody?

Let's create a musical parody

Your task here is to criticize bad eating habits by means of a musical parody. Use the parody “Eat It” on the previous page as a reference.

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