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Manual do professor

Learning English with social bookmarking

What is social bookmarking? It is an online collection of websites that can be accessed from any computer. You can tag your favorite websites and save them for later use. You can also share your collection of sites with friends.

Some bookmarking tools are Diigo and .

You can visit their websites and see how they work. Find dictionaries, songs, magazines, newspapers, comics, videos, and many other things, all in English. Tag and save your findings with the help of one of these tools. Share them with your friends.

Another interesting social bookmarking tool is Pinterest .

You can use Pinterest as a tool to organize a virtual picture dictionary. Look for images on the Web and organize them in tags such as food, arts, animals, flowers, clothes, occupations, etc. (All sites were accessed on April 19, 2016.)


Discussing facts and myths

Talking about events which will probably happen in the future or have a real possibility of happening
Creating a musical parody Talking about well-being Contrasting two actions in the past
Talking about unreal or imagined situations related to physical and mental health
Making a poster

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