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Beyond the lines…

a) e b) Personal answers.


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Knowledge across English, Portuguese, History, and Geography

A. Human migration

2. a) Suggested answer: Birds and other animals.

b) Suggested answer: African slaves and Portuguese prisoners.

c) Suggested answer: Italian, Japanese, Portuguese etc.

B. Brazilian immigrants in São Paulo

1. a) II. Emigration occurs when a person leaves his or her country or region to relocate in another country or region.

b) II. Immigration occurs when a person comes into a new country or region.

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2. a) II. The conflicts lived by a person who emigrates.

b) The chance of finding a job and the dream of having a better life.

c) Acarajé: a fried ball made of black-eyed peas and stuffed with shrimp. Feijoada: a stew of black beans with pieces of pork.

d) Because you can listen to many languages and to different Brazilian accents there.

e) Personal answers.

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