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Beyond the lines...

a) Personal answer.

b) Personal answer. O professor poderá citar alguns fatores de ordem social, econômica e cultural, por exemplo, e pedir aos alunos que mencionem outros.

c) Suggested answer: By suggesting that if you choose some careers you will probably fail.

d) Suggested answer: No. Academic choices are important, but other personal competences are also vital to succeed professionally.

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Profession Spot

1. Types: local beat newspaper reporter

foreign correspondent

magazine feature writer

freelance book reviewer

Skills: interpersonal skills

excellent writing skills

reporter’s instinct

Routine: interview sources

review records (to assemble)

collect, and report information and explore the implications of the facts

Obstacles: uncertainty of the daily routine

long hours

chronic deadline pressure

2. a) I. reporter

b) IV. editor

c) V. news editor

d) II. feature writer

e) III. specialist writer

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