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Time for literature

1. True: (2) He won the Nobel Prize in 1923. /(4) Yeats always returned to Sligo for holidays. / (5) He was one of the greatest pushers of the Irish Literary Revival. / (6) He helped create the Irish Literary Theatre. / (7) Yeats had as companions Lady Gregory and Edward Martyn. False: (1) William Butler Yeats was an Englishman. / He was married to Maude Gonne.

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Time for literature

2. a) Morning, midnight, noon and evening; night and day

b) The poet is dreaming of a special place. / The poet is far away from Innisfree. / The poet wishes for some peace.

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A. Narrative

I. It uses descriptive language.

III. It has defined characters.

IV. Time is described or implied.

IX. There is always a narrator (first or third person).

X. There is a plot (what is going to happen? what is happening?).

B. Poem

II. It takes a certain form as in stanzas or groups of lines.

V. It often uses rhyming couplets.

VI. It has rhythm, more or less regularly patterned.

VII. It can have figurative language such as metaphors, repetition, alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia, similes, metonymy, among others.

VIII. The language is succinct.

d) Suggested answer: Both are apparently written from memory, and both seem to make readers feel how good life outside towns and cities is.

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4. a) Suggested answer: An exiled person, away from his beloved land, someone dreaming of his home place. Se necessário, o professor poderá explicar aos alunos que o termo ballad se refere ao tipo de canção que conta uma história, repete uma saga ou fala extensamente de algum fato. No caso,balladeer, termo usado na questão a, se refere ao cantor da balada.

b) In the 4th stanza, in which we read “On bended knees, their rosary is told”. The rosary is a symbol of Catholicism.

c) Suggested answer: Both long for an ideal place in Ireland.

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