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Beyond the lines...

a) Suggested answer: Some of them disappeared.

b) Suggested answer: Some of them have disappeared. Others are endangered languages.

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Time for literature

6. a) Apparently someone is calling about a room in a house, wanting to rent it.

b) Suggested answer: He is an African, of a darkish color, not rich, otherwise he wouldn’t be worried about the price of the room he is asking about.

c) She is white, polite, probably wearing lipstick, and a smoker. (Lines 7 to 9.) d) The woman’s voice.
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e) “I hate a wasted journey — I am African.” / After the caller says he is African.

f) When he says that he hates a wasted journey and warns the other person he is African.

g) The questions she asks about his color show she is worried about letting the room to a black man. (Lines 10, 11, 18.)

7. c) By using irony, that is, words to express the opposite of the literal meaning.

8. Sugerir aos alunos que sublinhem essas evidências no texto ou discutam sobre elas oralmente em grupos.

Sugestões de respostas:

Perto do final do poema, quando ele diz “… you should see / The rest of me. Palm of my hand, soles of my feet / Are a peroxide blond”.

Essas palavras mostram que ele é igual a todo mundo, porém as palavras “Friction, caused– / Foolishly, madam–by sitting down, has turned / My bottom raven black–…” mostram que suas nádegas estão feridas de ficar sempre sentado – provavelmente porque ele trabalha sentado. O uso da palavrafoolishly é um bom exemplo de ironia, pois podemos inferior daí que ele nada podia fazer para evitar de ficar sentado o tempo todo.

9. a) Because of its communicative effect. / b) He thinks of a person who is making him company as his audience. / c) As a playwright.

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