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Manual do professor
Let’s listen and talk!

Before you listen…

a) Personal answers.

b) Personal answers. Esta é uma atividade de pré-escuta que os alunos podem fazer com base em seu conhecimento e na lógica dos eventos relacionados. É recomendável pedir que trabalhem em duplas.

1. Plot History on a Line

Step 1: Decide what the timeline will show: personal events, big political events, events related to a geographic area, randomly chosen events, and so on. How will you choose which events to include and exclude?

Step 2: Make a list of events that you wish to put on your timeline.

Step 3: Research and note the specific dates when the events that you wish to include occurred. It is a good idea to note your source (or sources), too, so that you can return later and verify the dates, if necessary.

Step 4: List the events in a chronology, a sequence of earliest to latest.

Step 5: Decide what units of time you will use (days, months, years, decades, centuries etc.) to divide your timeline into segments. These decisions may be a matter of trial and error, based on the size of your paper.

Step 6: Calculate the number of segments that your timeline will have.

Step 7: Draw a line and divide it into the number of equal segments that you figure you will need.

Sugestão de discussão em classe sobre criação de linha do tempo:

Oriente os alunos a discutirem os seguintes temas:

• Arrange yourselves in groups. The goal is to discuss whether technology has a positive or negative influence on our planet.

• Split the group into two. Each half of the group should create at least three arguments to make their point and present them to the whole group.

• Take turns to present your arguments, to agree or disagree politely, and to clarify ideas.

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