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Manual do professor

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Track 18

My name is Kimya, I am a master’s prepared social worker. I got my undergraduate degree in social work in 1990, a master’s degree in social work in 1993, graduated cum laude. What I do is not just what I do. It is my passion, and I’m good at it, but I was recently fired, not because of job performance, but simply because I’m a lesbian. And I know that because they told me “this would not be happening if you were not a lesbian”.

Available at . Accessed on May 23, 2016.


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Track 21

[man 1] The CyArk’s mission is to digitally preserve world heritage sites by using state-of-the art technologies. [woman 1] We utilize technology known as 3D laser scanning, which generates tens of thousands of points a second so all individual data points XYZ coordinates in color and intensity value as well. Our job is to take that raw data, keep it safe for the future but then also process it and produce derivatives from them which can be used for uh… by the public and conservators today. [man 2] This technology allows us to bring them to life and tell stories. [woman 2] The most poignant days at work was the day that we got a phone call that said that the Kasubi tombs had been destroyed. I suspected act of arson. This was no longer there. So a few days later we got a call and we got an inquiry “Is the data available?” and “Do you think we could use this to help reconstruct the tombs?”. That really brought to home what it is we are doing. This is really the jumping-off point and it’s time to get going. [man 1] We felt that we needed to accelerate our effort and to challenge ourselves and our partners to an initiative which we call the CyArk 500. [man 3] For the CyArk 500 is gonna be very important for us to draw on the expertise and the relationships we have to document 500 sites across the globe and pooling resources from every continent.

[man 1] The 500 is a great impetus to get us going in both push the technology and push the sustainability forward. So beyond the 500 this can continue to go and cover as many of the World Heritage sites as we can.

Available at <> (01:24-03:03; 05:33-05:48). Accessed on May 31, 2016.

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