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Manual do professor

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I would probably say the number-one health benefit of yoga is that, uh... you become happy, uh... you realize your full potential, uhm... on a moment-to-moment basis. You take a... an attitude of compassion and an attitude and the desire for happiness and a sense of connection and fulfillment, and you work it out on the mat. A lot of yoga practice you spend upside down. So if the heart is upside down and it doesn’t, it means that it doesn’t have to work so hard to bring up, uh... venous blood from the lower extremities and you get physically stronger, you feel comfortable in your own skin. You will turn yourself upside down so you literally reverse the atrophy process. It destresses because you are, uh… it’s a process of extricating tension as you press against the earth and you lengthen up… you are opening up all of the, uh, channels, if you will, the physical channels and the energetic channels and you’re allowing for greater circulation.

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