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Manual do professor


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What’s agronomy? Agronomy is the study of plants and soils, and their environment. You may be asking: what’s an agronomist? Agronomists focus on sustaining the world’s food production, protecting the quality of the environment, and conserving vital soil and water resources. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists work in lots of exciting careers to address world food and environmental issues. Careers like crop consultant, sales rep for seed, chemical and fertilizer companies, research scientists, soil and water quality specialists, and rangeland manager. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists also work in the international agriculture to help developing countries improve their food and fiber production. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists are involved in basic and applied research. In fact, molecular biology and biotechnology have sparked a revolution in new approaches to genetic improvement of plants. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists are found in business and industry, consulting and production, plant science and biotechnology, soil and environmental science, and range management. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists work to understand, manage, and protect our vital resources, while addressing communities’ basic concerns on quality of life. What’s an agronomist? Agronomists help farmers grow food to feed the world.

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