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Physical activity and health

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Manual do professor
Physical activity and health

a) Why do we gain or lose weight?

b) What is the importance of keeping a healthy weight?

c) What could be done to improve the health of young adults in my school?

d) How does the muscle cell use the energy we get from food digestion?

e) Why do people sometimes get muscle pain after starting to exercise?

f) What can be done to avoid sports injuries?

g) What is the ideal diet for someone practicing sports?

You are the researcher!

How about experimenting with science? You can try any of these projects or all of them, if you wish. Work in groups and be prepared to present and discuss your results with the class.

Project 1: Nutrition Labels – what do you eat?

• List all the things you usually order when you eat a meal at a fast-food restaurant. Do some research to find out what the calorie count for each item is. Add the total calories. If it exceeds 500 calories, what could you do to reduce the calories, but still eat the meal? How would you adapt the meal in order to have the necessary intakes from each food group?

Project inspired by . Accessed on April 22, 2016.

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