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A. Human migration

1. Read two excerpts of a text which explains what human migration is and check if your predictions in the second question above were correct.

What is Human Migration?

Migration (human) is the movement of people from one place in the world to another for the purpose of taking up permanent or semipermanent residence, usually across a political boundary. An example of “semipermanent residence” would be the seasonal movements of migrant farm laborers. People can either choose to move (“voluntary migration”) or be forced to move (“involuntary migration”).

Migrations have occurred throughout human history, beginning with the movements of the first human groups from their origins in East Africa to their current location in the world.

Migration occurs at a variety of scales: intercontinental (between continents), intracontinental (between countries on a given continent), and interregional (within countries). One of the most significant migration patterns has been rural to urban migration – the movement of people from the countryside to cities in search of opportunities. […]

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