Manual do professor

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Manual do professor

1. Now answer these questions about the text “Keffi’s Birthday Treat.”

a) Why is the following day a great date for Keffi?

b) What is he looking forward to doing the following day?

c) How long was Keffi away from home? Did he have enough time to reach Ibadan?

d) Why did people laugh at Keffi when he told them about being at the zoo?

e) Why do you think the official did not tell Keffi where he really was?

2. Write down in your notebook the true statements about the text you have just read.

A There is a combination of narration and dialogue.

B The narration is in the third person.

C The narration is centered on the figure of a boy.

D It has a first person narrator.

E It is a poem divided into stanzas. extra activities

3. The lines below give a summary of the text, but the events here are not in chronological order. Your task is to read the lines carefully and number them according to your understanding of the story. See an example. Do the same in your notebook.

Chronological order: 1: H, 2: A...

A The present he liked most was a book that his brother had sent from England.

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