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Manual do professor


1. In your notebook, write down the correct combination of numbers–letters to make complete sentences.

I If you exercise regularly,

II Your risk of developing intestinal cancer is higher

III If you cook meat and poultry all the way through,

IV If you eat fewer calories and burn more calories,

V Your body’s metabolism will start to slow down in order to conserve calories

A pathogens die.

B your body will begin to use fat stores for energy and you will lose weight.

C you will prevent excess weight gain or help maintain weight.

D if you eat too little.

E if you consume red and processed meat regularly.

Based on . Accessed on April 22, 2016.

2. Give advice to a person who asks you the following questions. Follow the example.

a) What would happen if I ate only fast-food sandwiches?

If you ate only fast-food sandwiches, you would gain a lot of weight.

b) What would happen if I had a more active life?

c) What would happen if I ate too much sugar?

d) What would happen if I lost some extra weight?

3. Use the Simple Past and the Past Perfect to contrast the events on this timeline. Write the answers in your notebook.

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