Manual do professor

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Manual do professor

a) How does the use of technology affect your life, positively or negatively?

b) What could you do in your family or community to guarantee a sustainable use of technology?


1. How do you pronounce these different forms of be? In your notebook, write down the correct combination of numbers–letters. Use the transcriptions as a guide.

I is

II are

III were

IV was

V been

A /ɑr/

B /wʌz/

C /bɪn/

D /ɪz/

E /wɜr/

ÁUDIO 23 2. Now listen to the recording and check.

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Vocabulary corner

1. As in Portuguese, some words in English can be made from other words. Read these examples. Do you know the meaning of the words in bold?

“With so many remarkable things happening in the science and tech worlds […]”

Scientists have created the equivalent of a rechargeable lithium-ion battery […]”

We use the passive voice to talk about processes, such as scientific or historical processes.

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