Manual do professor

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Manual do professor
I title

II location

III country

IV size

V opinion

VI climate

VIII advice

VII designer/architect

IX means of transportation

X positive aspects

XI author’s name

XII negative aspects

XIII color(s)

XIV fact(s)
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Let’s act with words!

Let’s write a comment describing a place

Make a comment describing a visit to a man-made wonder (building, square, garden, artificial lake, etc.) in your region or in another place.

Writing Steps


• Visit a man-made wonder near you.

• Talk with people in your community to know more about the place.

• Take notes.

Preparing the first draft

Make a first draft, trying to answer the following questions:

Where is the place?

Does it have a name?

What is it like?

How can we get there?

What can people do there?

What facts can you tell your readers about it?

Can you give any advice to future visitors?

• Give a title to your text.

Peer editing

• Evaluate and debate it with a classmate.

• Make the necessary corrections.


• Publish your comment. You can choose a Padlet, blog, touristic webpage, or publish it on a wall newspaper.

Buda Mendes/Getty Images

Wire Opera House in Curitiba (PR), Brazil, 2013.

Rubens Chaves/Pulsar Imagens

House of the Ball, Belo Horizonte (MG), 2014.

José Bassit/Pulsar Imagens

Aerial view of the Naturalistic Park Mangal of Hornes. Belém (PA), 2013.

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