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Manual do professor
Did you know…?

Cognate words are pairs of words from different languages that are similar in meaning and form. False cognate words are similar in form but different in meaning.

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4. We can say that this article was written in an informal style. Find words or groups of words in the text that justify this and write the answers in your notebook.

5. What kind of service does this blog offer? Only articles and images related to wonderful places around the world? Or articles and also support for people to plan their trips and get new ideas of where to go?

6. What elements in the text helped you answer question 5?

7. Read the text more carefully now and answer in your notebook.

a) Which wonder had a military application?

b) Which wonder is a product of an eccentric ruler?

c) Which wonder was abandoned because of an invasion?

8. According to the author, what have humans done that compensates for the bad things they have done to the environment? Do you agree?

9. In your notebook, write the correct combination of numbers–letters to match the words in column 1 with their opposites in column 2.

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