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Manual do professor
Let’s listen and talk!

Before you listen…

a) What is a testimonial? Have you ever listened to one?

b) What words do you expect to find in testimonials about affirmative action programs?


Prepare-se para prestar atenção em tudo, mas evite focar somente em uma questão.

ÁUDIO 18 1. ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) is an affirmative action legislation in the United States which protects LGBT employees against employment discrimination. Listen to Kimya’s testimonial. What happened to her?

ÁUDIO 18 2. Listen to the testimonial again and answer the following questions in your notebook.

a) What does Kimya do?

b) How does she feel about her job and her performance at work?

c) Is the issue discussed in this testimonial related to racism, sexism, or sexual orientation?

3. Another unfortunately common type of discrimination is related to gender. Take a class survey to find out what actions your classmates consider “sexist.” In pairs, walk around the class and interview seven students using the questions below.

a) Is it sexist for a man to wolf whistle at women?

b) Is it sexist for a man to hold doors open for a woman?

c) Is it sexist for a woman to refuse to split a bill?

d) Is it sexist for a man to leave the housework to his wife?

e) Is it sexist for a man to offer a woman his jacket if she looks cold?

f) Is it sexist for a woman to say men should make sacrifices to provide for women?

g) Is it sexist for a man to call a woman “love” or “dear”?

h) Is it sexist for a man to say that women should behave like men at work?

i) You can add other questions.

Inspired by the article: Macare, Fiona. Why chivalry may not always be what it seems: Men who hold doors open and smile may actually be sexist, study claims. The Daily Mail, 10 March 2015. Available at . Accessed on February 2, 2016.

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